Last Updated January 5, 2004

Custard's first day, hiding under the cushion

Custard's first day, cuddled up to his new mum

Close up of above

Umm... Settled in quickly didn't he !

Baby Blue eyes or what

How cute can you get?

Bemused at all the new things

Look at me I'm cute !

You get carried around a lot around here?

This one was taken on his first day (slightly out of sequence)

Early December 2000

Bye Bye


Picture Postcard fluffy cat picture

Ooh a shoe for Christmas

Just what I always wanted

What ?

It's my shoe and I'll chew if I want to

Kill !

Yummy Custard

Custard by name, Custard by nature

I Love my Mummy

Get this mad cat off me

Bugger now it's gone to sleep !

Wash your hair

Yuck I don't like the taste of Pantene

Time for another sleep I think

My Mum with Custard

Time for a stretch

I'm a real boyscout, look what I made

A Custard for Christmas, including sticky Bow on Bot!

Why do I put up with these humans?

Look at me I'm so pretty

Classy and tasteful

Downright Gorgeous in fact

I have to go now

Bye Bye

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