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This page is dedicated to the enormous number of cats and their carers who have written to Custard saying what they think of the website and Custard. I have received so many emails and photos for Custard's friends page I have had to split it into two pages for easier loading. This the page for all the emails I received in or before 2001.





Name Emily & Yenta - (Carer - Jill Newland)
25th February 2002

Dear Andy, Jill & Custard,
Thank you very much for putting our pics on Custards Website. We are honoured to be on such a nice site...Custard, we're glad you're feeling better and on the mend...
Best, Jill, Richard, Emily and Yenta

Name Emily & Yenta - (Carer - Jill Newland)
30th December 2001

Dear Custard and Parents,
We, My husband and I really enjoyed looking at your beautiful pictures. We can tell that you are a sweetheart. Attached is are pictures of our two babies. Emily our new kitten, who is a Birman/Persian mix and our long haired 11 year old Yenta. We live in the London area.
Jill Newland


(no picture available)

Name Micia - (Carer - David Cunningham??)
19th November 2001

Dear Custard,
I am a beautiful lady sealpoint Birman named Micia -(means Pussycat) and I live in Geelong, Australia. My mother had been showing me all the beautiful pictures of you - you really are one cute pussycat - but I come under the headline of absolutely gorgeous. (Modestly is one thing that can never be applied to me - I'm beautiful and proud of it). Unfortunately you will just have to take my word on that as my mother doesn't have a scanner. I've got my mother well trained now in matters regarding food and electric blankets and sojourns into the outside world. Actually I assume you've heard the adage, Dogs have masters but cats have slaves -well I hold copyright on that!! Have a lovely Christmas and I hope Santa gives you lots of goodies
Your beautiful gorgeous wonderful friend, Micia
ps the ci is pronounced ch - so it's spoken as Michca

Name Eric - (Carer - Mark & Emily)
2nd March 2002

Andy, Jill & Custard,
Thank you for your response. We were very upset to hear about Custard's operation and we hope he is much better now. We sympathise with your situation as Eric has a liking for cashmere jumpers. We left him with mum and dad for a few days (babysitting) and came back to discover that he had eaten half (no joke) of my mum's cashmere cardigan that she left for comfort (including buttons!). Needless to say, we had a few days of cashmere fur-balls. Is this part of the Birman nature? Or are our babies related? Do you have details of the pedigree ancestry? We hope Custard is well and love the new pictures. The picture we sent was not very good, and Eric looked like he was very miffed (does not like his photo taken). We will try to send you an updated version ASAP. He is now 17 months and still growing! Anyway, thank you for the e-mail and we look forward to more updates. Stay well and keep in touch,
Emily, Mark and Eric (Mew)

Name Eric - (Carer - Mark & Emily)
17th November 2001

Dear Custard and family, I am a nightfire blue tabby 7 years old[that's 1 human year]. My real name is Nightfire Blue Bliss but my humans call me Eric, which is cool. I was surfing the net for a new play mate a couple of months ago and I saw your site[I do this when my humans go to sleep]. Cool I thought, a Birman cat site I am not alone on this planet, so I decided to pen you an e-mail. I have enclosed a photo, I tried to capture my best side [which is difficult, these mouses are not made for paws!!!!] I live with my humans [Mark & Emily] in Bristol, where I do the usual Birman activities, you know........ sleep on my back, shed massive balls of hair on the carpet seemingly at will, practice my vocals in the shower????!!!!! and completely take over the sofa... oh and bed. I hope you found this e-mail of interest,
meow to you soon
Eric [Nightfire Blue Bliss], Mark & Emily.

20th October 2001

Hi Custard and family, We like yourselves were looking for a well natured cat with a fun loving disposition. It was around Christmas 2000 when we started searching the local ads for a kitty companion, that our Birman adventure started. On arriving at the breeders house we were surprised to see 15 large, fluffy felines, all chatting to each other. We instantly fell in love with this breed and the variety of faces that were looking up at us. The breeder plopped a small bundle of white fluff with a grey tabby nose and tail on the floor in front of us (blue tabby Birman). He instantly trotted over to my feet and talked to me. It was love at first mew! We were informed that she was unable to show him because of a small kink in his tail. This just added to his character. Once we were at home, our chatty bundle of fluff was at once looking in every draw and cupboard, giving us a running commentary of what he thought about his new home. I decided to name him Eric after the footballer 'Cantona' (real name - 'Nightfire Blue Bliss'). Since then he has become an integral part of the family, and we just wanted to share some of our moments with you. Here are some questions that you might be able to shed some light on: Does custard ever talk to you at 5am in the morning? Does he ever get into bed and start licking your face? Does custard tend to sleep on his back with all 4 legs in the air (you notice I call them legs and not paws - how human do they seem?) When sleeping on their fronts, do you not find that one particular back leg sticks out at a funny angle? We have found that our very expensive cat enjoys to chew very expensive clothes (Cashmere jumpers). Do you have this same experience? We were amused to see that Custard likes to lick your hair.... Guess what, so does Eric. We will try to enclose a web cam of Eric ASAP. We love our tickle (nickname) and are possibly looking for a friend for him to play with. We enjoyed your website on Custard and look forward to a response and updates.
Mark, Em and Eric. (Mew).

Name Holli - (Carer - Kerryn Chapman)
7th November 2001

Hi there. I found your site and Custard is beautiful. I had a beautiful seal lynx point little girl that I called Holli. Unfortunately, I lost her to liver disease January this year, when she was just over 3 years old. However, her breeder has just today offered me a little lilac boy. I'm in two minds, because I really did want another girl, but I think I'll probably fall in love the moment I set eyes on him. Anyone that is undecided on whether to get a Birman, GET ONE! My Holli was the most playful, loving cat that I have ever had. She had a personality all her own and was completely unique compared to other cats. She was very vocal and loving, but when she didn't want to cuddle, that was it. She was BOSS! She also had an annoying habit of stealing food...she preferred my food to cat food. And she had a rather peculiar like of waking me up by sitting on me and biting my nose. That wasn't nice at 5am when you get that fish breath, then the paws on the face and the insistent FEED ME meow. Even with all that, I wouldn't have traded her for the world, and I miss her sooooo much still. I wish she was here with me. Although I know I can't replace her, hopefully, a new kitten will fill the hole somewhat. I'm enclosing a photo of Holli in with this eamil. It's not a great pic, and my atepmom fooled with her eye colour, but she is still beautiful. Hope you like her at least a 100th of how much I did.
Bbye... Kerryn.


(no picture available)

Name n/a - (Carer - Louise Smith)
25th October 2001

Hi Custard! You are gorgeous!!!! I'm going to buy a Birman next cat I get. I'll have to wait till my old moggie runs out of lives though. Regards to you servants
Louise in Australia


(no picture available)

Name n/a - (Carer - Kat)
3rd October 2001

Hello! My name is Kat and I am excited because my nan said I could have a Birman! I am from Ohio in the USA and I have wanted a Birman ever since I was 13!I am now 17. I had a lovely ragdoll kittie named Taja that was very sick. She was 8 weeks old when we had to give her a shot directly in her heart and euthanize her (this was just last week). I am deeply saddened by this because of how much I loved and adored her, and how we were treated by the "breeder" when we asked for a refund. So far, we have not seen a penny.I can imagine that sweet little Custard has never had anything wrong with him like Taja! There is a story behind this that I would like to tell, and I ask that you please read it to help warn people about backyard breeders of any breed. This person sold us a sick cat, which we later discovered had been crossed with a Siamese. We took her to three different vets, and she was diagnosed with conjunctivitis (kitty cold), ear mites, an ear infection, coccidia (a protozoan parasite that multiplies within the cell walls of the intestinal lining, causing them to burst, which leads to bloody stools), and a congenitally defective intestinal track. I cannot tell you the amount of suffering my family and myself have gone through because of the selfishness and carelessness of these irresponsible, uncaring backyard breeders with their filthy environments and poor quality animals. It is the worst thing to do to buy an animal from one of these people just because "you feel sorry for it". That just encourages more breeding to be done in these poor conditions, and to make quantity more important than quality. Responsible breeders may cost more (and I bet you that's where Custard came from :) )but they are much better to buy an animal from, whether it be dog, cat, horse, or bird. Whatever you may be looking for, everyone, PLEASE do NOT purchase from a backyard breeder! Cheaper does not mean better!! And by the way, I am very much looking forward to having a warm bundle of fluff with bright blue eyes and a loud motor in my arms again :)

Name Terri & Tobi - (Carer - Wendy Birchmire)
20th August 2001

I think your web page is very attractively displayed. I enjoyed seeing the pictures of all the Birmans. ***WENDY*** Here are Terri and Tobi when they were 4 months old. (They are 6 months old now!


Click on the picture above to see Missy's page on how to train yourself a Human

(Pictures of Sheldon to follow)

SHELDON from South Texas USA - (Carers - Jim & Kathryn Wade)
16th January 2001
Dear Custard, I know that you are enjoying your new home as much as I enjoyed mine. I lived in hot and humid ole South Texas but my parents didn't let me out so I didn't care how hot it got. I had my own screened in porch with two ceiling fans which I loved. I was told often how beautiful I was and I came to expect everyone who came to the door to make over me - I was never let down. My Mom tells me that I am the best cat in the world and even lets me sleep with her in the Big Bed. Dad doesn't seem to mind too much. My advice to you is to enjoy your home each and every day and be thankful you have such a loving family. I just now found out that I, too, am a Birman! I always knew I was something "real" and not just a mixed up mess. My parents are looking for a little brother or sister for me and I hope they succeed soon!

Happy new year! Sheldon wade Pruett age 8 years Birman sealpoint

19th January 2001
Hi Custard and family, Thanks for the return mail. In answer to your question about how I found your website, I'm not really sure! I was searching for information about Birman breeders - moving from one site to another and there you were! The pictures were adorable and reminded me of Sheldon when he was a kitten. He is so beautiful, but it is his personality and disposition that sent us looking for a second. We have not had any luck yet, but haven't given up. Texas is actually having a winter this year and so I have more time to be on the net looking and researching. We also have a sc wheaton terrier and so we want to be sure that all will get along together. Sheldon has the terrier in line, if you can believe that and so I think the kitten will find a safe and loving position in their pecking order! Hope all is well with you and Custard. Our best to you.

Sheldon and family

7th February 2001
Custard, Sheldon would be honoured to be on the same page with you! I'll send a picture as soon as we get settled (we have moved and I'm still sorting and unpacking). I love what you have done and the paintings are incredible. Spring has sprung here in south Texas and Sheldon is enjoying the 70+ weather. Hope spring finds y'all soon!

Texas Birman cousin

OSKAR - The little Birman Kitten with a tragically short life

Andy, Jill and Custard - I don't know if you want these for your site - but these are the only photos we got of Oskar before he was put down. We went out to see him a couple of weeks before we could pick him up to get some shots and to see how he was doing. At that stage he was doing o.k as far as we knew.

Oskar very young.

Oskar and mum

Oskar - a little boy with lousy luck

Oskar - Obviously a very pretty kitten

RHEA & OSKAR from Sydney Australia - (Carers - Rachel & James)
1st February 2001
Dear Custard, Just a quick note from Down Under to say you are one of the cutest cats I have seen. My partner and I are looking for an indoorish, affectionate, lap cat to love and cherish. This is the best Web Site I have seen. All the best for the future Custard!

Rachel & James

3rd February 2001
Hey there! Guess what, we put a deposit down yesterday on a Seal-Point Birman Male! We get him in a few weeks as he is a little bit small at the moment. We met his mum, dad, brothers, sisters and cousins and they are all sooooooo cute. After seeing your web page we thought, yep this is the one! We were originally going to get a Himalayan that we saw at a pet shop (it was the first time I have ever seen James want to compulsively buy something, and since this was $600 Australian I thought we had better go home and think about it). We came home that night and got on the net and saw Custard, and just fell in loooovvvveeeee! So we were sold from that minute on, we were then looking for all Birman breeders around Sydney, and we went to our first one and fell in love. So thank you very much Andy and Jill, hopefully your web page can help other people choose the perfect cat for them too! When we get him we will send you some photos - (he is still referred to as a he as we are deciding on a name at present)

Regards Rachel and James

7th February 2001
Andy, Jill and sweet little Custard, Hows the teeth Custard??? Hope you are feeling better! Andy and Jill, we would love to let you use our e-mails on the new web site, we would be honoured. We have decided to call our kitten Oskar. We get him in around 4 weeks time, so will send some piccies then. We don't have the facility to scan piccies in from home, but we both do at work, so will scan them in at work. Just out of interest, how well does Custard travel? We were told that they usually are good cats travelling but my previous cat was terrible in the car. The paintings by Jill are fantastic! We had a look at them, they are amazing, she is so talented. Does she paint for a living?? Your Website is soooooooooooooo addictive, we just love looking at all the photos of Custard! You should be congratulated for your site as well. We are hoping to come to England one day, we should bring cats and meet!

Have a good day James, Rachel and soon to be Oskar

20th April 2001
Hi there - Sorry we haven't written in sooooooooooooooooooooo long we have had modem trubbles! Anyway we picked up our darling little kitten. Although the day I went to pick up Oskar the breeder told me he had a heart murmur and had to be put down, so we got his little sister instead (who we have decided to call Rhea). She is just soooooo lovely. She is a tortie seal point (as you will see from the photos) but will give custard a run for his money in cuteness comps! She is a very floppy and happy go lucky cat - quite happy to do whatever! She is very trusting and luvvvvvvssssss water! She has even jumped in the bath with me a few times, which is a little weird for a cat! Anyway hope all is well with you both, and of course little Custard!

Regards Rachel and James and of course Rhea

RHEA Custard's newest little Australian friend

Rhea's carers think she's at least as cute as Custard. Custard of course whilst admitting she's a bit of a looker, refuses to accept that any other cat could challenge him in the cute stakes !!

Rhea being a coy little girlie

Rhea looking very much the lady

Cute or what

Now that's no way for a lady to behave!

(no picture available)

Name unknown - (Carer - Jenny)
23rd January 2001
I adopted a birman when he was 16 years old last year and most old cats are really grumpy but he was the most adorable friend I ever had, he was put down last night but ill miss him as long as I live. I want you to know that birmans are the most amazing breed I've ever come across. they're beautiful and friendly. take good care of your kitten.

love jenny

14th February 2001
I'll be sure to check out your new pictures! I have some photos of my old cat so ill try and scan them but he never wanted to look at the camera so they're pretty bad, we've adopted a long haired tabby who is actually the mother of our first cat who got put down last year due to feline aids. we haven't had much luck with cats so hopefully she'll be different!

take care, jenny

(no picture available)

Mina & Velvet - (Carer - Marcelo Baez)
28th January 2001
Hi Custard, This is a note from the 2 of us - we are Mina (2yo Siamese) and Velvet 14week old black moggie. We saw your website and gushed! Our mum let us type this letter.

Love Mina and Velvet


(no picture available)

Scottie - (Carer - Marilyn)
10th February 2001
Hi I have a birman kitten, his name is Scottie he is 4 months old. The breeder tells us he will be a chocolate point but we think he will stay a seal point. He is so loveable and wants to be picked up all the time. Is your kitten inquisitive and has to get into all the cupboards if left open. We got Scottie for nothing as the breeder was looking for a home. She couldn't sell him as he has a deformed tail. We think his tail gives him character. I've never seen a red point before; he is just beautiful.


25th February 2001
Thankyou for replying to my e-mail. I don't mind that you put my letter on the web page. As soon as I have a nice photo of Scotti I will send it to you. I couldn't believe it when you said Custard likes playing in a empty bath because my Scotti likes the bath as well. They are the most adorable breed of cats.

Marilyn Cooke & Scotti

Paddy - (Carer - Tash Boyle)
16th April 2001
Hi Custard, Andy and Jill Paddy was most honoured to be added to Custards web page! Please find attached a more recent photograph of him (in all his glory!)
Love Tash & Paddy (aka the Padster)

26th February 2001
Hello Custard! All this time I thought that my feline buddy was a Himalyan Persian but thanks to your website I have discovered he is in fact a Birman! You really are the most beautiful wonderful breed of cat!!! Thanks for setting me straight!

Tash (and Paddy)

Paddy the Birman
Ummm - I'm beginning to think this is the Birman "Natural State"

(no picture available)

Lily - (Carer - Poppie)
25th February 2001
hello custard my name is poppie and I have a cat called lily just like you but she has black nose and stuff pweese write back to lily and me and I would really like to meet custard one day.


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