Last Updated December 5, 2003

This page is dedicated to the enormous number of cats and their carers who have written to Custard saying what they think of the website and Custard. I have had to split this page into current and archive pages as it's getting so large. You will find a link to the older pictures and email's at the end of this page OR CLICK HERE

If you have or had a Birman, send me in an email and a picture. If you would like to have your Birmans picture on this page but don't have access to a scanner, send me an email and I'll give you a postal address to send a photo and I'll scan it for you.

If you don't have a Birman, don't worry, send me your email's anyway, (and get one they are so adorable!)

Remember there is absolutely no charge whatsoever for putting your cat's photo on Custard's friends page!


Name Max, Lara and Oscar - (Carer - Joan)
27th August 2003 (Apologies this got out of sequence)

Hi Custard
Many thanks for including Oscar on your pages - he was beginning to get jealous. The three of us get on famously now and our owner says there is only one thing better than a Birman and that is another one! (and another one) Just for fun I attach a photo of the three of us on the climber (Joan had to add an extra bed once Oscar arrived) the order on the beds is very important. Lara has to have the middle one or else Oscar and Max keep wrestling which makes the whole thing rock! So from the top it is Max, Lara and Oscar. Keep up the good work - and happy belated birthday! Best wishes Lara, Max and Oscar (and Joan of course!)

Name Capocine, Mina and Tess - (Carer - Andrew & Gwen)
27th September 2003 (Apologies this got out of sequence)

Hi Andy,Jill and especially Custard,
Its been a while since my last e-mail but thought I'd update you, unfortunately Sasquatch passed away 5days after the last e-mail we were broken hearted.Its always hard to loose a pet but one so young is soul destroying. I want all Cat carers to be aware of the Disease that he had. Early symptoms can include licking floors and walls repeatedly and lose of control of limbs, if it is caught early enough some things can be done. It is only now over a year later that I can talk about it and when I see pictures I still want to cry. We now have two more members of the family and although we have moved to the USA they have come with us Mina, A very mischievous Moggy whom we got as a rescue cat, and Tess a 1year old Shi-tzue puppy who loves to play with the cats (though the cats don't think it is so much fun) Capocine has stayed in france with Gwen's Parents as we didn't want to put her through the journey (she is too old).

Hoping you are all well

Andrew, Gwen, Capocine, Mina and Tess

Name Kai - (Carer - Andrea)
26th August 2003 (Apologies this got out of sequence)

Hy, Congratulation and I hope you are satisfy with new job. I saw our picture yesterday on your site. It's great. The hole Custard page is great. There is lot's of cute pictures of him. I'm sending you new pictures from Kai. You don't have to put it on site if it's a problem. I'm just sending you those photos that you can see little bigger Kai. West wishes and kisses to all of you Andrea & Kai

Name Cleo - (Carer - Eliza)
26th November 2003

OH WOW! I have my Blue Tabby Birman now, we have re-named her Cleo and she is AMAZING! she is right here purring on my lap! She looks a bit like Custard, only her points are stripy and grey-ish. I will send you guys a picture of her when we get he camera developed, and she is SO affectionate and playful and.....kittenish!!!She loves looking at Custard pictures, she thinks he is very handsome indeed!! Well, you can hardly blame her, Custard is gorgeous!!!

;) Eliza ;)

Name Lisa - (Carer - Eliza)
17th November 2003

Hi Custard and Co!
On Sunday morning I am going to see my new kitten (hopefully) at the breeders. Her name is Lisa, and she is nineteen weeks old. The thing is, she is a blue point tabby Birman, and I have tried to get some pictures, but don't know what they look like! Do you? If so, are they cute? I love your website, and Custard, you are just about the cutest cat in the world!
;) Eliza ;)



Name Zoltan & Mila - (Carer - Elena and Adriano)
17th November 2003

Dear Custard,
Your website is great!! And you are a real beauty!! We are two birmans, named Zoltan ( boy, seal point) and Mila (girl, blue point), we live in Italy and we share our home with a couple of humans, Elena and Adriano. At first there was just Elena and we stayed in a very small flat. Elena was very easy to be trained, she responded immediately to every order we gave her. We slept in her bed right from the first night, and we were soon allowed to sit on the table while she was eating, and even to taste food from her dish. We spent lots of time playing with her, and making a fuss over her, and sleeping lazily toghether with her on the sofa, and she soon became the happy mommy of two very spoiled cats. Four delightful years went by, then one day Elena announced that we were moving. She told us that the new house was quite big, and it even had a small GARDEN!!! But there was another human living there, and he was going to be our daddy... Elena told us to be very patient with him because, though he loved animals very much, he had never been owned by a cat before... The job of training Adriano was a bit harder than we had expected. It took us a whole long week of patient work before he learned to let us stay on the big bed, and a few more days of great efforts before he understood that we have a right to sleep INTO the big bed, but now we are very satisfied with our job, because he just seems to be unable to fall asleep unless he is sure that we are both warm and comfy under the sheets with them (of course when there's a bit too much movement under the sheets we prefer to temporarily move on the sofa). In the garden we met a new friend, Uga the Turtle, he is very old and wise, he has spent the last forty-two years of his life in that garden all by himself and now he's very happy to have someone to chat with. In the summer we spend a lot of time toghether enjoing sunbeams. We were so happy to discover your website!! We often worry about the quality of humans out there in the world, because we feel that most of them have rough souls, and they are unable to love their animals in the proper way (sometimes they are even unable to love their own children). But your website is so full of love! It shows how much your mom & dad care about you, how deply they enjoy your ruling thir lives!!! Elena & Adriano are just the same with us!!! And all the messages from your friends also show a whole wold of wonderful caring humans! Isn't it great!
Best purrrs and lots of kisses from Zoltan & Mila





. . . . . . . .

Name Paddy - (Carer - Tash)
11th August 2003

Hi Custard
We were sorry to hear you have not been well and hope you have learnt your lesson regarding eating inedible things! Your site is getting so big - there really are some beautiful felines out there! We thought you might like these more recent photo's of Paddy to update your friends page.
Love Tash and Paddy (aka the padster)

. . . . . . . . . .

Name Oscar - (Carers - Max and Lara)
26th July 2003

Hi Custard
My name is Oscar and I have recently moved in with Max and Lara who you have featured earlier. We love reading about Custard and we have a link to his page from our web site at I attach a photo of me with the water fountain and one of me in relaxed mode (us Birmans learn this position very easily don't we?). As you can see I am a Chocolate Tabby Point Birman and I am just coming up to my six month birthday!
Keep up the good work with your web site

Name Keitum - (Carer - ?)
23rd July 2003

Gidday mate,
My name is Keitum and i just wanted to say that i love your website. I am a seal tabby point birman kitten living in Sydney, Australia. You're the first red point i have ever seen so i am going to ask my caretaker to put a link to your website if you don't mind.
Miaows, Felinfamous Alexi Keitum

Name Kai - (Carer - Andrea)
27th June 2003

Hay Custard, We (me and my birman cat) are from Zagreb, main town of Croatia. Attached is my blue pointed male Kai (it means ocean on Hawaiian language) 1,5 months old. Now he is 4 months old. If you get this mail I'll send you the latest pictures. He is beautiful. Also he is very stubborn and very very curious. He likes to eat everything that we eat. I hope you were like that too, when you were a kitten. Here in Croatia there is no many Birmans. We have only one breeder.And people in Croatia don't know much about Birmans. We wanted to tell you that Custard is a very beautiful cat.
Best wishes to all of you and lots of kisses from Andrea and Kai.

I found your website, just looking at different breeds--I too was considering a maine coon, as I was looking for a large cat; I just wanted to have a BIG bundle of fur to love (my husband and I have two cats now, and we would like to add another cat as well as a dog to our family after we move into our first home). However, after seeing pictures of Custard, I think my mind has been changed--he is a BEAUTIFUL boy! I cannot wait to add another kitty to our family me, there is nothing like having a cat purring, and falling asleep on your chest. I just want one more furry four-footed baby to love! Once again, Custard is a beautiful boy, I hope you have him for many more years to enjoy!
Indiana USA

Name Mia & Honey - (Carer - Paul)
1st June 2003

Hope you like this picture of my cats.Mia on the left is 7 years old and honey on the right is now 3 years old,Honey is the daughter of mia. We have not long had Mia about 3 months but she has settled in as if she has been with us all our lives.Both get along together great and enjoy noyhing more than chasing each other about the house(sometimes in the middle of the night). Thanks for the great site keep ip the good work
yours paul stoddart


. . . . . . .

Name Caesar - (Carer - Alexsey)
17th January 2003

Hi. We love your website. It's so nice to see all the pictures of much loved Birmans (and other kitties). This is Caesar. He was the best kitty ever. He died recently of the terrible disease, FIP; he was only 8 months old. We only had him for 4 months, but he change our lives forever. We just want him to know that we will always love him, and he will never be forgotten. He was our first Birman, but I'm sure he won't be our last.


Name Flash & Topaz - (Carer - Arlette)
17th January 2003

Hi there, We are Flash and Topaz, two little brothers. Flash is a cream point and Topaz a red point Birman. On the picture, you'll see Topaz above and Flash in the tunnel. Mummy found out about red point Birmans, by surfing on your internet site with the lovely pictures of Custard. She absolutely fell in love with red point Birmans and decided to have one (after loosing her 18 years old cat in June). We are now 8 months old. We live in Belgium and enjoy being together. Thank you for making this internet site and greetings to Custard.
Flash and Topaz



Name Lara & Max - (Carer - Karen)
12th November 2002

Hi there,
My name is Lara and ages and ages ago I sent you a photo and told you that my half brother was coming to join me soon. He arrived and has been so much fun to play with that I totally forgot to send you a piture of him to include on your web site. Anyway I have attached a photo of Max - he is a Lilac Point Birman and another photo of me (I am the Chocolate Point) as I have grown quite a lot since my last picture! We have our own web site with lots of pictures on it and we have a link to your site on our links pages. Would you mind if we put a photo of you on our 'friends' page?
Love and cuddles Lara and Max

(Custard loves publicity, feel free to link to him from any websites.)

(no picture available)

Name Not yet named - (Carer - Karen)
12th November 2002

Hello! I came across your website this evening while doing some surfing for Birman websites. I have two moggies at the moment but am collecting a sealpoint Birman kitten on Thursday! I'm just so excited! I wanted to thank you for sharing your beautiful photos on the web. I have a digital camera too and you've given me lots of inspiration for taking photos of my new arrival! I spotted that one of your photos had a yellow colour cast and have removed this for you in Adobe Photoshop. I hope you don't mind :) I've attached the coolour corrected version. I'll send you some pics of my new kitty when I get her!
Best regards, Karen Karen Williams MA (Oxon)

(no picture available)

Name Louis, Tasha and Lily - (Carer - Sheryl)
7th November 2002

Hi Love your site.
Custard is amazing! We have three Birmans, Louis (a Blue point boy), Tasha (a Blue point girl) and a little Seal point girl (18 months old) Lily. I can see so many of their characteristics in your pics of Custard. To know Birmans is to love them! Warm Wishes to you all
Sheryl Hello Custard (and his Mum and Dad),

Cinnamon and Callie


Name Cinnamon - (Carer - Callie Rhodes)
19th September 2002

Hello! Custard,
My name is Cinnamon. I am an 8 year old boy. I am not a pure bread like you but I am loved just the same. I'm just a lazy house cat, But aren't we all! My mommy had to bottle feed me when I was a baby. But even though I am older now she still sneaks me treats all the time. When I was little my mommy's brother and I had an accident. My mommy was sure mad at her brother. But she took care of me and everything turned out ok. That is why I only have one ear. My mommy tells me even though I only have one, It is the cutest ear in the world. I love my mommy and she loves me. I follow her around all the time and when she comes home I am waiting at the door for her. I love to be held and I love attention. my mommy gets upset sometimes at night because I love to hug her neck while she sleeps. Okay, Okay maybe I slobber down her neck when I hug her but it is only because I care. I am a smart cat. as you can see in the picture my mommy taught me how to beg. I talk to my mommy all the time, and I love to watch t.v. with her. I also sent a baby picture of me and my mommy. I am giving her kisses. aint I cute! We love kisses. My mommy thinks it is time for me to get a little brother. She wants a Birman just like you! I promise I will take care of him and be the best big brother ever! Love Cinnamon Hi this is mommy A.K.A. Callie. I just wanted to tell you that custard is a beautiful cat. He looks so cute in all of his pictures. I have a million pictures of Cinnamon. He is my baby. Thank you for sharing Custard with Cinnamon and I. Its nice to know that there is someone out there who is as big of a cat lover as I am.

Love Callie

Buxton - Very good in the kitchen apparently!

Orlando the Redpoint

Name Buxton & Orlando - (Carer - Linda Edwards)
1st August 2002

Hello Custard (and his Mum and Dad),
I am owned by two beautiful Birmans, a blue point called Buxton and more recently a red point like yourself called Orlando. The names may seem strange but Buxton comes from the legendary Magic Roundabout film "Dougal and the blue cat". The cat's name is Blue Buxton. Orlando comes from the children's books "Orlando the marmalade cat" which only a few old people who were children in the 60's can remember. My boys like to play fight together and Buxton is the archetypal lounging, snoozing cat like yourself. I am attaching a couple of pictures for your web page as you don't seem to get many Birmans of differing colours living together. We find it makes it easier to spot which one gets in trouble for getting into mischief as you can instantly spot the blur of red or blue as it dashes past you and away! They are wonderful friends and we wouldn't be without them for the world!!!
Linda Edwards

(no picture available)

Name Sebastian - (Carer - Melissa Mooney)
31st July 2002

my name is Melissa. I'm from MD and I love Custard. I discovered him when I was bored and just scrolling through every breed of cat on Yahoo!. I came across Birman and clicked on Custards site. The second I saw him I was in love! I have a Himalayan that looks just like him, but his name is Sebastion. I loved looking at Custards kitten pictures and then his older pictures. He seems like such a sweet cat! From looking at Custard I know that I am definitely getting a red point Birman. Anyway, now the serious part...Mr.Custard's father, I was wondering If Custard is married...You see, I have fallen in love with him. Though I know I'm not worthy of his love, we could have a long distance relationship right? Just curious. Anyway, I must be going now. I hope to follow updates on your awesome site about your awesome cat. Give Custard my love!

Mr Custard's father replies - I am afraid Custard has been neutered and has no interest in emotional relationships, but he thanks you for the offer!

(no picture available)

Name Umah, Ave Maria, Alberto - (Carer - Arja)
26th July 2002

We have three beautiful birmans, Umah (bluepoint female) and her offsprings Ave Maria (seal tortiepoint female) and Alberto (sealpoint male). They all bring so much happiness and laughter to our lives... We´ve also 11 years old black longhair mixed breed cat Siiri (delightful mixture of Burman/European/Persian). I myself breed Birmans under name Aryan.
Greetings to all Birman fanciers!
Arja, family and the feline quartet

Toby surveying his empire

Delli trying to look slim

Holly amongst the Azaleas (looks like a poppy to me)

Name Toby - (Carer - Heather Williams)
2nd August 2002

Hi there Custard, my name is Toby (aka Santamorra Ko Chang -posh or what!) Just want to say hello from Manchester in the UK and that my two uprights loved your site and all the fantastic photo's of you and of your pals. I think you are very cute. Have enclosed along with this note a couple of pics of me as a baby and now also of my two 'steps' Holly and Dessi' who are twins, only way to tell them apart is Holly is fatter!!! Mind you she is a girl! Bye for now and keep the good pics and info coming.
Toby - carer Heather,
Manchester UK

Name Toby - (Carer - Heather Williams)
16th July 2002

Have just found your site - its wonderful! Custard you are a stunning pussy. Toby (aka Santamora KO Chang our seal point Birman will hear all about you this evening and I shall post some pics of him soon. Again congrats on a super page.
Best regards -

(no picture available)

Name unknown - (Carer - G)
19th July 2002

Hi Custard,
I love your website, and you have confirmed my wish to buy a Birman kitten. Please can you ask your adoptive Mum and Dad if I can have the details of where you were born. On my 50th birthday, I treated myself to a Maine Coon, who is a loveable, gentle giant, but not a great lap cat. I've just lost my moggy who kept my knees warm, and need a replacement (saves on the central heating). You've been added to "my favourites"........a great site!
Love G

Custard Replies - I was bought from Schwinthe Birmans in Oxford England, and I don't always sit on your lap either. Though I am nearly always asleep somewhere!


(no picture available)

Name Sebastian - (Carer - Kim Bowman)
18th July 2002

Hi Custard - Your daddy sure made a fun website. I just found it today and really enjoyed all of your pictures. Your mummy is a terrific artist; her paintings of you are beautiful, especially the watercolors. (I know that looks misspelled, but I'm a Yank ...and we don't know any better.) I have a cream Persian named Sebastian who writes our annual Christmas letters that we mail out with our cards. He keeps our friends and family updated on our doings. Sebastian, our only pet, is 10 years old and kind of hauty and condescending, but I, my husband, and our four-month-old baby love him anyway. Tell your daddy "thank you" for creating your wonderful website. Sebastian is envious! -
Kim Bowman
Phoenix, Arizona


Name Snowball - (Carer - Kristal Sweet)
15th July 2002

I found your website a couple of months ago after adopting a kitty named Snowball from a local organization called FAIR (Foundation for Animals in Risk). I was told that he was a 6 month old flame point Birman. I knew nothing about this breed so I stumbled onto your website while searching for more information about this special kitty. When I saw Custard's pictures and read about him it was almost as if you were describing my new sweetie. As you can see from Snowball's picture he looks like he could be Custard's brother and he's obviously very much into everything. Snowball is one of three kitties that share my home and my heart. I guess I should say we share "his" home - I'm sure you can relate. He is the sweetest kitty I've ever known and I'm so glad that he came into my life when he did. He seems to adore me as much as I adore him and the other kitties love him too. I can't imagine that there was someone out there that gave up this precious little fur ball, but I am so grateful that they did because he's enriched my life so much. I really enjoy your website - reading about custard and looking at the pictures and all the pictures and emails from Custard's friends. I will continue to check up on what's new with Custard and you. Thank you for sharing your pictures and your stories with all of us. It's nice to know that there are other people out there that love their furry babies as much as I do.
Kristal Sweet Tucson,


Name Topaz - (Carer - Jo Dewbery)
14th August 2002

Hi All,
Just to let you know that Topaz has now come home. At 12 weeks, he is very loving and extremely mischievous! He spends most of his time on my lap. (Presently clawing my leg!) Happy Birthday to Custard for last week. He really is a beauty. I love the pictures that Jill has drawn of Custard. What a talent! Ash my daughter draws with pencils so she will be really keen to view the gallery when she gets home from work. Lots of inspiration there! Update - now asleep on my lap and I type quickly!
Regards Jo

Name Topaz - (Carer - Jo Dewbery)
10th July 2002

Custard has alot to answer for! We placed the deposit on our Blue Point Birman today. He is eight weeks old tomorrow. He will not be coming home for a few weeks as yet, so I took some photo's. Thought you might like a piccy. JO

Name Topaz - (Carer - JO Dewbery)
10th July 2002

Hi Custard Brilliant website. I am looking at the possibility of getting a Birman and now I am sold. Beautiful blue eyes. Might give my daughter boyfriend a complex though as his eyes are bright blue, but I'm not sure he can compete.

Name Sapphire - (Carer - Scott Gibson)
7th July 2002

Hey there Custard, Just found your web-site. it's great to see how many Birman lovers there are out there! I have sent you a picture of Sapphire, who I'm really sad to say passed away last year at the age of 19. She had a wonderful life though! and SHE insured she was treated like a member of the royal family, fair enough!! I've not been able to bring myself to replace her with another Birman yet, maybe one day!!

(no picture available)

Name Minny - (Carer - Ali)
19th May 2002

My cat is 19 years old and very cute please can you put him on your website I don't have a picture but his name is Minny and He is black and white and cute born outside my mums old work place in London and all his brothers and sisters died because it was so cold and he was the only alive with the mother on April 13th 1983. He is very cool and I want him to be the oldest cat in the world
Thanks From Ali
United Kingdom


(no picture available)

Name Topsy & Bonnie - (Carer - Jane)
30th April 2002

Hello, Just wanted to say, I have spent a good hour looking at pictures of custard. He is one cute cat! Hope you don't mind, I have saved a couple of them for my own cat folder. As I am a cat lover. I have 2 cats now, Topsy and Bonnie. I had a third but sadly he was ran over last year, his name was Puddy. Thank you for sharing Custard with the world, will bookmark your site and visit often.
bye for now Jane.

(no picture available)

Name Purdy - (Carer - Geri Develara)
30th April 2002

Hi custard, Just had to drop you a line to say you truly are an absolutely gorgeous cat. I don't have a cat - I used to have a moggy called Purdy many years ago who I loved dearly , she was devoted to my mother and when my mother passed away so did Purdy - (yes, cats can be just as devoted as dogs). I have always liked long-haired kitties , and now I like them even more, especially Birmans called Custard!
geri develara - london


Name Abbey - (Carer - JodieSwiney)
6th May 2002

Hi everyone Thought we would send a picture of our new baby! She's beautiful and her name is Abbey. We picked her up on Friday, she is 12 weeks old. She is a kitten if you are wondering and she is a breed called Birman. We are spending hours playing with her and trying to find her when she hides in all the nooks and crannys we didn't know we had. Hope you like her
Abbey's Mum and Dad Jodie and Jason c

Name Abbey - (Carer - JodieSwiney)
28th April 2002

Hi Custard and Mum and Dad Just wanted to tell you I loved your web site I'm in Australia and was looking up names for my new kitten that we get of Friday. She is a blue point kitten and looks just as lovely as Custard .
Will take a look again soon Jodie


Name Custard - (Carer - Mark & Jilly)
18th April 2002

Hi Custard We also have a Custard cat who was 3 years old on the 12th April. He is a ginger & white fluffy Norge Skogcat (Norwegian Forest Cat). We nickname him Pants because when he walks away from you, he looks like he is wearing a pair of big white trousers. He tends to trill rather than purr & always seems to have a lot to say for himself. When you come home he will trot up to you chatting away then just throws himself to the floor infront of you & rolls over. He is at his most affectionate at about 4.30am when he will wake you up purring loudly then jump on the bed & brush himself against you. He doesn't like to be handled much & soon starts growling if he doesn't get his own way. Custard tends to sleep in a radiator hammock or on his catnip scratching pad. His favourite pastime is chasing birds & mice which we certainly don't encourage Infact he has so many bells around his neck, he sounds like Rudolf. He has the softest fur & the prettiest face we have seen on a cat & likes to play when not eating or sleeping. Enclosed photos don't do him justice. We have two old tabby females who just don't have time for him & consider him an irritating child.
Cheers Mark, Jilly, Custard, Tabatha & Satchmo


(no picture available)

Name Kissa - (Carer - Janis Dickson)
15th April 2002

We had five Birmans at one time. We have had three bluepoints and two sealpoints, but never a flamepoint, as I mentioned. All lived to be at least 14 years old. Eventually, their kidneys went down, but I guess if you keep cats in the house and they are never exposed to other illnesses, their kidneys do eventually give out. We still have Kris, a sealpoint and he is 14 years and 8 months old. He came from a different bloodline than our other Birmans and may be from heartier stock. There is a lot of inbreeding in this country. Best wishes to all of you and your Custard
Betsy and Jim Poole

Name Kissa - (Carer - Janis Dickson)
15th April 2002

What a great name. We have one Birman called Kissa (Finnish for cat). We chose this name having had our honeymoon in Helsinki. Kissa is an extraordinary cat and every morning before we leave for work my husband has to lie on the bed with Kissa and stroke her tummy otherwise she follows him everywhere "complaining" until he does so. We also have a British Blue and two moggies. I loved your site but wondered is that a scratching post you have attached to your radiator and if so where would one purchase these?? Custard - hope you are feeling a lot better.
Janis Dickson


(no picture available)

Name Kris - (Carer - Betsy Poole
14th April 2002

What a beautiful website and what a beautiful Birman. We have had five Birmans. Kris is the only remaining one. The others lived long and fulfilling lives and have now gone to "cat heaven". Kris was fourteen years old in August and his renal function is deteriorating some at this time, but he is still a joy. We have never had a flamepoint, but since I have red hair, it would be fitting to have one. We hope that Custard stays healthy and doesn't get into anymore trouble!
Best wishes, Betsy and Jim Poole Versailles, Kentucky USA


Name Lara - (Carer - Joan Clarke)
13th April 2002

Hi there I have just been reading your web page and greatly enjoyed it - plus I am glad to hear you are 'on the mend' after your 'op'. My owner has done a web page for me (I am far too young to do one myself yet anyway!) and I heard about your web page through the 'Your cat' magazine. I thought you might like to look at my web page and see what a charmer I am!
Love Lara

Quick note from Lara's owner As you will gather she is an adorable Birman kitten - just about four months old and has been an enormous help to me getting over the loss of my previous Birman, Lucy, who died at the beginning of March aged 16 (her litter sister, Katy, lived to be fourteen and a half!) I am getting her half brother in about ten days but in the meantime I am one of her main sources of entertainment and she has shown a huge interest in the PC and the internet sitting purring away on my lap as I work on the PC!! I put a web page up for her so that her breeder can keep track of her progress without me boring them stiff and running up their phone bills by sending them endless photos - they can look at them on the web if they want! I thought you pages were excellent - would you mind if I put a link in to them from Lara's page? I was planning to put a 'Links' page on there soon.
Best wishes Joan Clarke


(no picture available)

Name Zellakitty? - (Carer - Jennifer Barnes)
24th March 2002

I know you've probably heard this before but custard is SO cute! great site, keep up the good work! jenn (from Vancouver, wa. USA) ps my kitties are "mutts" but their sites are and enjoy!


(no picture available)

Name Navarre - (Carer - Caroline Grund)
22nd March 2002

Greetings from Chicago! I'm so sorry to hear that Custard has been having a hard time of it... I've enjoyed his website for well over a year... and he seems to have such a wonderful personality. I hope he's feeling fit as a fiddle very soon. I live just outside of Chicago in a town called Evanston Illinois and I have a wonderful female Blue Point birman by the name of Navarre with whom I share my life. :) She loves checking out Custard! I'm actually writing with a question... my boyfriend lives very close to Banbury England... and yesterday he lost his beloved seal point Birman. He is completely heartbroken ..almost inconsolable. I remember reading that you acquired Custard from somewhere in the Oxford area which is not far from where he lives... by any chance to you recall the name of the breeder or the shop from where you purchased him. He got his little guy from somewhere in the South of England... but I would like to be able to put him in touch with the name of someone more local. He's been wanting a kitten for several months.. And I think that after a couple weeks... he'll really be lonely if he doesn't have a kitty to share his life with. And as I'm sure you would both understand... he's a Birman only kind of guy. Is there anything better in this world than a Birman snuggle!!!! :) So if you can recall the name of the breeder... I would very much appreciate knowing. If not... I will completely understand. Thank you so much for your time... and give my regards to the sweetest little red-point in the UK! Kind regards,
Caroline Grund



Name Sasquatch & Capocine - (Carer - Andrew & Gwen)
4th March 2002

Andy & Jill & Custard,
His name is Sasquatch, and PIF is the French term for Feline Infectious Peritonitis (I live in France)for more info see Its a virus that affects young cats below 2 years old, older cats can fight it and rearly develop the disease after contact with the virus so our 6 year old Persian (Capocine) has tested clear. Unfortunately once it is developed it is invariably fatal! so we are just waiting and hoping our vet is also trying something experimental (the human AIDS Drug which forces the immune system through artificial means to produce antibodies.) So now it is a waiting game?
Andrew,Gwen,Capocine and Sasquatch


Name Sasquatch & Capocine - (Carer - Andrew & Gwen)
3rd March 2002

What a lovely presented web site. Custard is a beautiful Cat and I hope he is well now. I have a 7month old Blue point Birman who unfortunately is Desperately ill, he managed to contract a PIF Virus and there is no cure But he is fighting it on his own and we are just giving him lots of love. I Decided to get a Birman for the same reason and before he fell ill he was the most adoring little thing. Wishing you and Custard Well

Names Duncan & Delilah & Dee Mark - (Carer - Olga)
14th February 2002

Hi Custard! I send you some pictures of my friends... The birman is Duncan...and the Korats are Delilah and Dee Mark. Greetings from Argentina!
Chalerm Cattery

(no picture available)

Name Misse - (Carer - Marie Ryding)
17th January 2002

A big and happy Meow to Custard from the LADY of the sofa, a two year old brown Tortoiseshell Persian in Sweden. I am just as devoted to my owner and the my sofa as you are! Soulmates!! You look just lovely on the pictures!
Kind regards from Misse and my "lapperson" Marie


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