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Custard is the name of my wife's adorable little "Red Point" BIRMAN cat. This page is dedicated to Custard in particular, and all Birmans in general.

Custard was born on 4th August 2000 just outside Oxford, England. At the time this introduction was originally written (Christmas 2000), Custard was nearly five months old, and had been with us for just over a month.

My wife Jill wanted a new pet cat, but rather than the ordinary moggies we had before, this time she specifically wanted a sofa loving lap cat. We were looking at houses to buy, and were shown around one house in Oxford by a family with a lovely fluffy mostly white cat, it was very pretty, but what impressed me most is their 7 year old boy was carrying it around in his arms none too elegantly and it didn't seem to mind at all!. To misquote Will Smith "I've got to get me one of these". We didn't buy the house but did ask about the cat. We were told it was a Birman, the first time we had ever heard of the breed. Until then Jill was considering a Maine Coon. We checked out the sites on the Internet and decided the right temperament for us was Birman, Ragdoll or Maine Coon. Possibly a blue point Birman.

We went to see several breeders who had all three of these breeds, were disappointed by the temperaments of the Ragdolls we found. The Maine Coons were tempting, but it was the Birmans that we fell in love with.

It is important when selecting a kitten you want to be a sofa cat, to ensure that they have been well looked after as kittens and given a great deal of loving human contact. If they have been left bereft of human contact by the time you get the kitten at about 12 - 14 weeks it will be too late. The breeder we finally choose was a middle aged woman who clearly spent a great deal of time playing with all her kittens, and it showed in the attention the kittens lavished on anyone who came to see them, these kittens clearly loved human contact.

I have been surprised in the past that cats we have had for twelve years kept the personality they displayed on the very first day we saw them as kittens. As such we looked for not only the prettiest kitten, but also the one that seemed the friendliest. We had been told that male cats were more friendly than females, (which surprised me), but did seem to be true, we were introduced to the adult relatives of the kittens, and the males were all very affectionate, beautiful great big bundles of fur. (We had to get us one of those!). We narrowed the choice down to two kittens, a blue point Birman boy called Blue-chip, and his brother Custard, a red point.

Needless to say we bought Custard, and have never looked back, although not great feline experts, neither my wife nor I have ever known a cat as devoted to humans (and sofas) as custard. We had hoped he would grow into a sofa cat in a year or two. 8 hours after we bought Custard home my wife went down with food poisoning and spent the night on the sofa, Custard spent the entire night with her on the sofa and all three (Jill, Custard, Sofa) have been Inseparable ever since!

Update - December 2002 :- Originally we bought Custard as an indoor cat. He quickly realised the outdoors was there though and wanted to go out. Eventually we let him out and had problems with him climbing the fence and getting out. Being a basically pathetic wuss of a puss he couldn't get back and just sat in our neighbours garden looking terrified until our neighbours came and got us. Now the weather has got worse he asks to be let out, and within 30 minutes max is meowing at the back door to come back in, (to him cold is anything under 20 degrees C), and he will not go out at all in the wind or rain! He also never leaves the garden any more

If you have any comments or suggestions for links for this page, please email custard below, Likewise if you have any questions or queries concerning Custard, or Birmans in general, please send Custard an email.

Note from Custard - So long as it is not for profit feel free to download any pictures of custard you are quite welcome, being a vain cat he would love to think people are looking at pictures of him!

NB Please note that due to ludicrous spamming I have had to delete the custard email address. The replacement address is Custard.Watkins@ (the usual) (You don't need (the usual) I had to insert that to stop the spammers scanning the text for email addresses.Apologies Custard went broadband a little while ago and I forgot to change this link


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These are some adorable pictures of Custard as a tiny kitten

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It's not easy being a super star! - You get dressed up in the most ridiculous things...


Do you think if I look enigmatic enough someone will let me in?


Oh Boy, my favourite Xmas toy, now just stay still so I can eat you...


Custard a touch quieter..


Quite Serene......


OK Unconcious!


This is what all Birmans do best....


Custard August 2003 soaking up the rays


These pics were taken in the autumn of 2002, just thought I'd share them with you, I especially like this first one. See what you think


I can't remember but as these two shots are so "arty" I think Jill took them...

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