Last Updated May 26, 2002


This army started life in 1986 as a chariot miniatures army. In more recent years I have been replacing the troops with Essex mins. Most of the chariots have been replaced, but I haven't done many infantry yet. I don't actually get to use this army very often.


Squadron of assorted heavy Assyrian chariots

Good aerial shot of an Essex Assyrian 2 horse 3 man crew heavy chariot, still primarilly Bow armed

Essex 15mm light 2 man Assyrian chariots primarilly Bow armed as were all Assyrian chariots

Good side shot of Essex Assyrian 3 horse 3 crew heavy chariot. (Controvosy continues as to whether there really was such a thing as a 3 horse chariot)

Aerial shot of light 2 man 2 horse Essex chariot


2 Assyrian heavy chariots, 3 horse and 4 horse versions. 3 horse is essex, I think the 4 horse is one of the original chariot miniatures repainted?

Essex chariots charging

Side view of same chariots

Assyrian Asharittu infantry. Chariot miniatures figures painted by professionals in 1986.

One of my biggest problems is deciding how to base my Assyrian infantry as rules sets keep representing them differently!


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