Last Updated May 26, 2002


This army started life in 1986 as a chariot miniatures army. In more recent years I have been replacing the troops with Essex mins. Most of the chariots have been replaced, but I haven't done many infantry yet. I don't actually get to use this army very often. This page has been redone in May 2002 same old figures but new photos with Nikon 995 digital camera

Good overall shot of the Assyrian chariot force, some new Essex minatures and a lot of old chariot miniatures


Aerial view of the same chariot force


Close up of one of the Essex Chariots, big improvement on the early Chariot miniatures figures


Old chariot miniatures Kings chariot unusually painted up


Old Chariot miniatures 4 horse chariot, very limited figure detail


Old 2 horse Assyrian chariot from Chariot miniatures


Chariot Miniatures Asharittu, professionally painted


Same Asharittu with some chariots in the background


Old Chariot Miniatures Hupshu archers


Assorted rubbish infantry


Close up of low grade Hupshu infantry


big assyrian picture

Thought I would throw in one much larger picture soaks up a bit of bandwidth but shows what camera can do



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