Last Updated May 26, 2002


The bulk of this army are 15mm Essex figures (the best). This is one of my newer armies, painting the entire army during 1999, between the diversity of the units in a Carthaginian army, and my painting the entire army at the same time, this is one of my prettiest armies. Originally created for DBM, I modified it slightly in 2000 for Armati. Warband based armies are quite difficult to play in Armati, (Particularly against Romans!)



Celtic Warband

My Celtic warband, all painted up irregular colours, the attractive shield designs are all done with a special ink pen that can write easily on Acrylics, rather than painted with a brush. To obtain the right warband feel, not all of these are essex, I mixed every manufacturer I could find. (Painted 1999 - old EOS lens?)


Same warband, photo Feb 2001 new EOS lens but Kodak 100asa film, not quite as good as Fuji.


My Essex 15mm Spanish cavalry, New EOS lens and Kodak 100asa film, one of the best from a dissapointing film.



Carthaginian elephant

My mighty Elephants! Look better than they ever perform....

Spanish Scutarii, some Essex and some other assorted manufacturers.


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