Last Updated July 8, 2002


The entire of this army are 15mm Essex figures (the best). Almost all painted by myself about 1998 as a 300 point DBM army in two commands. Late 2000 I added some additional light troops to make the army compatible for Armati. This page has been redone in May 2002 same old figures but new photos with Nikon 995 digital camera

Egyptian Essex 15mm chariots prepare for battle


Close up of Egyptian war chariot


The hosts gather


Pharoah leads from the front


Pharoah again


My painting is going to have to get better now I have this camera!


Sturdy Egyptian spear block the way


Close up of those Spear


Ably supported by the Archers


Close up


Chariot runners and other lights


Nubian skirmishers


Spearman in Profile


Big Egyptian picture.

Thought I would throw in one much larger picture it does soak up the bandwidth a bit but shows a little of what the camera can do



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