Last Updated May 26, 2002


My hittite army comes from a number of sources. I started collecting it in 1986, when the only manufacturer was Chariot Miniatures. The quality of the figures was aweful (They are somewhat better now) but it was all I could get. Then about 97 - 98 I started renovating the army by buying lots of replacement chariots, mostly Essex plus some gladiator. This page has been redone in May 2002 same old figures but new photos with Nikon 995 digital camera


Close up of new Essex 15mm Hittite chariot


Older style Hittite chariot


I believe these are a few Gladiator miniatures Hittite chariots I bought for a change.


Some really good Essex 15mm Syrian allied chariots in my Hittite army


Close up of the above chariots


I love these Essex Auxilia, under DBM they were useless Auxilia. Then under V3 I believe they became less useless. I use Armati now and they are at least some use


More of my Auxilia


These are really old Chariot miniatures Hittite guardsmen I bought about 1986


Some new 15mm Essex Syrian archers that replaced my old Chariot miniatures figures. Most of my mid 80's chariot miniatures figures have now been replaced by mostly Essex and a few gladiator miniatures.


Just to give some feel of what the new Nikon can do I have done one fairly large piccy at the bottom, still tiny in comparison to the original!



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