Last Updated September 14, 2003


This page cover half of my Italian Wars Armies, basically those that opposed France. Currently this is Italy and Imperial Germany / Landsknechts, though Spanish will follow shortly

Most of the figures are Essex 15mm, and are mostly painted by myself. The French / Swiss army was painted by the same professional painter who did my Ottoman Turk army, and a few of his knights have got into this page, I wonder how that happened.

Under Armati these are very interesting armies, having considerable firepower.


ITALIAN WARS - Italian / Landsknects - Approx 1494-1525AD

Renaissance artillery up close, Painted for my French Italian wars army, but can be used anywhere (Next dozen or so pics were taken Sep 2003 Nikon 995)

All my knights, mostly french but there are german and hungarians in the background as well

and again, many of these figures are essex, plus some gladiator miniatures, and maybe a couple of others for variety

Knight in foreground is one of my Hungarians, I painted them, most of French were painted professionally

Foreground are all professionally painted French.

I've forgotten their names, but they are those serbian croat types used by the French (I think)

French mounted crossbowmen

French made considerable use of crossbow skirmish troops

Some landsknechts on the other hand have gone a little high tech

My beautiful assorted Italian Infantry, not sure how accurate the weapons mix is but they look very late medieval. All figures are Essex 15mm, Painted in Feb 2001.

French Pikemen

Swiss Pike on the left

Landsknechts on the right

15mm French knights painted by a professional for me. What is unusual about these two pictures are they were taken using a borrowed fuji finepix still digital camera, quality is first rate.


Atmospheric or what!


15mm Knights, mostly French not painted by me, in a general charge. Most of the figures are essex and a few are not.


My beautiful French knights, mostly essex, not painted by me, excellent figures, beautiful paint jobs, Fuji Reala and EOS 300mm doing good job

Command element for Renaissance army for Armati, I use 2 figures mounted on a small base

My other Armati renaissance command base

I painted these Essex 15mm pikemen up as Spanish, but they could also be Swiss or Italian. Photo on Fuji Reala

Most of my Spanish troops are generic renaissance figures, but these Genitors (Jinetes) are very spanish. 15mm Essex figures

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