Last Updated May 26, 2002


Most of the photographs are of 15mm Essex figures, though I have a lot of old minifigs and Jacobite figures painted up. This was one of the first armies I painted, about 1983. Most of the original army has been either repainted or thrown away and replaced with Essex figures. Alexander the Great and his Macedonian armies have always been my favourite period. Surprisingly I have fought very few battles with this army. Pike were too good, and too boring in DBA/DBM so no one would play me. Now we are using Armati and the Persian army is actually some use, it is getting a bit more fighting.


Plus some add ons for Seleucid Approx 200BC

My Essex 15mm Macedonian General Painted 2001, single based as an Armati General (Vidcam)


Same figure photo Feb 2001 with new EOS lens and the rather dissapointing Kodak 100asa film.


Essex 15mm Companion Cavalry painted mid 1990's (Vidcam)


More charging Essex Companions, painted mid 1990's (Vidcam)

Some more of my Companions, mostly Gladiator I think this time. (Poor showing by the Kodak film)


3 Essex Pike Phalanxes painted in the summer of 1999 in the garden when we were in Oxford. (Vidcam)


The best my EOS could manage with the fairly pathetic Kodak film, back to Fuji for me.


Close ups of some of the Essex phalanx's painted in 1999. I have many more phalanx but not so nicely painted. (Vidcam)

Same again


Macedonian heavy cavalry, successor period, hence shields, painted 2001 (Vidcam)

Essex heavy cavalry


Essex Thessalian cavalry (I think) painted in 2001 as I was bringing army up to Armati levels and realised all my L/Cav units were "Singles"

L/Cav painted about 1998, got better didn't I!


Close up of a 1998 Thracian javelinman


And a 1998 Cretan Archer Both figures Essex


Essex 15mm Greek L/Inf (Vidcam)


More Essex Heavy cavalry, successor period again, this time shields and javelins indicate Late 3rd C BC or later.

Essex Theurophorai (Sorry if that's not spelt right) for use when I want to field Seleucids


Another unit of those Theurophorai, or is it Thorakitai? All painted about 1998 (Vidcam)


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