Last Updated May 26, 2002


The bulk of this army are 15mm Essex figures (the best). I have had a few figures floating around as an unused DBA army for years, but have now bought it up to spec as an Armati army, as such most of the units have been repainted in 2001.


Greek Hoplites

OK So my PERSIAN army is mostly populated by GREEKS !
(Photo Cannon EOS 300mm Macro with 100ASA Fujifilm)


Greek Hoplites

Side shot of the same Greek Hoplites. In Armati these are very effective troops


Greek Peltasts

Essex Mins Peltasts painted up in uniform colours and double based as per Armati.


Essex Cardaces painted 2001 double based for Armati (Vidcam)


2nd Regiment of Cardaces for Armati (Vidcam)


My cardaces as photographed Feb 2001 with the shitty Kodak film...


Indian Archers Paintred 2001 again for Armati Army (Vidcam)


Essex Persian Archers painted 2001, double based as an Armati SI unit. (Vidcam)


Long shot of some of my persian infantry, all essex figures, virtually all painted in 2001 (Vidcam)


Essex Persian 15mm Heavy cavalry. Painted about 1999? (Vidcam)


Essex Persian L/Cav painted up 2001 as Armati L/cav (Vidcam)


Longshot of my 15mm Light Cavalry. Very colourful. (Vidcam)


Essex 15mm Sassanid elephants, (I'm normally good about using troops in period, but I liked these more than the real ones!)

Close up of my unusual Achaemid Persian elephants.


Essex Persian 15mm L/Cav painted about 1999 (Vidcam)


Another shot of the same guys


Not a very good shot of some great Essex 15mm Scythian horse archers, unfortunately the panther skin saddlecloths don't show in this pic



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