Last Updated May 26, 2002


This page is a tribute to my mate Paul Kapinski's Polish army (Paul's Polish and rightfully proud of his heritage). This army was originally painted as a DBA army and has gradually grown.


POLISH ARMY - Approx 1300AD (Most Polish Periods)

Polish knights
Polish heavy cavalry, I believe these figures are mostly essex 15mm?


Polish Knights
Another shot of PK's Polish Heavy cavalry

Polish Knights (Rest of photos on this page taken February 2001 with the Camcorder)


More Polish Knights


PK's Famous Polish winged Hussars


Those Winged Hussars again


Overall view of almost the entire cavalry


Massed Polish knights


Polish horse archers


Close up of those Winged Hussars


Polish heavies


Regiment of Polish Pike and X-Bow


PK's Peasant Polish foot Bow


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