Last Updated May 26, 2002


The bulk of this army are 15mm Essex figures (the best), there are also a number of good Donnington Miniature Italian allies. I first built this army in the early 1990's as a Pyrrhic period army for DBM rules. More recently I have rebuilt it to fight my Carthaginian army, and once again modified it to fit Armati structures. I had the Princeps spear armed for my Pyrrhic period army, so I had to paint up a few extra Pilum units for the Carthaginian wars.

It isn't my favourite army by any means, bit too boring for me, but under Armati rules it is certainly very effective, and a good army for newcomers to learn on.



Latest unit of Hastati and Princeps, all Essex 15mm figures, painted in 2000 to bring army up to Armati standards. (Photo EOS 300mm Macro 200ASA Kodak)

My black legion 1/2 painted 1999 the rest in 2001. Photos in Feb 2001 with the Kodak 100asa film


Aerial view of my Black legion Figures are leargely though not exclusively Essex. Some Donnington are also included, good figures in this range.


My Roman cavalry, not great figures and not a great photo, aren't Romans dull!


Assorted collection of Samnite and other Italian allied troops, very few of these are Essex. Donnington I believe supplied most of the troops to me in the late 1990's.



My favourite picture of Rays Romans


Ray prefers cavalry and plays with as many as possible (I keep telling him to get more legionaries under Armati!)


Yep it's those cavalry again.


You can deffinitely see Ray is a cavalry commander at heart


Who let those legionaries in here....


Good old trashy Italian allies, what cannon fodder is made of....


Speaking of which some Spanish Cannon Fodder


Keep a nice orderly camp these Romans


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