Last Updated December 3, 2003

These are my naval wargames rules for the classical wars of Greece and Rome. I have long been inspired by both classical naval battles, and classical history generally.

I have read several classical naval rules sets, but the books I would recommend to ANYONE interested in naval wargaming of any period at all are those by Paul Hague, the one I own "Naval Wargaming" is his most recent book, that follows up from a volume he wrote 20 years ago. BOTH of these are by far the best naval wargaming books that have ever been written. His rules have inevitably influenced me in my own set.

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I used to have some old Skytrex miniatures, OK but nothing special, I am now painting up a new fleet of Langton Miniatures (I forget the scale but they are about 1 inch long). These are excellent (though not cheap for their size) figures, which I think are just about the right size for small to medium fleet actions. Take a look at my first squadrons on my GALLERY PAGE.




Paul Hague - Naval Wargames (The book on naval wargaming)

W L Rodgers - Greek and Roman Naval Warfare (The reference book on classical naval history)

Peter Conolly - Greece and Rome at War

John Warry - Warfare in the classical world

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