Last Updated July 22, 2002

My ancient naval ships are now all Langton miniatures, I threw all the others away. These are the best you can buy. Particularly get the little bases they fit on, very atmospheric. Historically I am sure they should not have sail's or masts raised, but they do look more interesting at least with the masts raised, even if you resist the temptation to not have the sails deployed. As far as I remember these are 1:1200th scale miniatures. I've had them a little while now, and to be honest don't get to use them very often at all. Only through lack of opponents though, always loved naval battles of all ages.


Open top Trireme

The ships haven't changed but the photos have. Retaken in July 2002 with Nikon 995 digital camera. 1 inch Langton miniatures - This one an Aphract Trieme, part of the "Green" fleet. I think the Langton miniatures are by far the best you can buy today.


Cataphract Trireme

Another green trireme, this time a cataphract one, still Langton miniatures.



A Quad I think with no sales. (could be a quin, I struggle to remember!)


The Red fleet

Red fleet, a huge Hepteres, three cataphract tris and a Quad/Quin


The Green fleet

The green fleet, 5 assorted triremes and a quad/quin


The fleets collide

Red and Green fleets approach ramming distance. I should say I posed these ships for the pictures rather than take pics of a battle in progress, so don't read too much into the deployment, in true hollywood style I put them where they would look good!


The fleets collide

Another view of the two fleets


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