Last Updated July 23, 2002


Latest models, 3 Whitestars. Nice little models, but real pigs to paint. I am not really happy with the results, certainly not as nice as the minbari Sharlin war cruisers below, but see what you think.. If anyone has other pictures and tricks for painting a whitestar let me know I am interested.


Another Whitestar shot


Front on closeup view of the Whitestar


Narn G'Quon heavy cruiser a difficult model to build but a lovely model to paint. The classic Narn warship


Another shot of that G'Quon. All models are agents of Gaming B5 Wars ships. I use them with a modified version of the Earth Force Source Book rules, which are in turn a modified version of Full Thrust, a much faster moving game than B5 wars


Narn destroyer, a Varnic as I remember


A Centauri Vorchan, you have to admit the Centauri make some pretty warships, very easy to assemble and paint model this one


Vorchan's hunt in packs, one doesn't really have much bite but in a pack they are killers, being very manouvrable ships


Primus battlecruiser, a very serious piece of hardware, and a lovely model to make


The entire Centauri squadron together


My latest and perhaps greatest masterpiece, I had the most difficulty painting the Minbari, their ships are not really quite any colour, though Blue features greatly, this model had a good 6-8 coats of paint over the main body before I was happy with the finish


As you can see I have 2 Minbari war cruisers.


Nice shot of them with the backdrop of the nebula behind


The shadows, their name instills fear, their paint job instills none less. How do you paint a ship that's basically black but would look naff if you just painted it black!


On the whole I am quite happy with the resultant paint job. I achieved it by spraying the figure black, then painting it with a wash of very dark brown. I then put another wash of silver over the top to get a metallicy sheen, I then put neat blobs of black ink all over it to cover much of the brown and silver, I then gloss varnished the finished figure. I had to go out and buy the gloss varnish as I only use matt normally.



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