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I am a big fan of the Babylon 5 series from Warner Brothers, and have always wanted to fight capital ship battles in the Babylon 5 universe. I have played several excellent starship wargames in the past including "Star fleet Battles", "Full Thrust" and "Silent Death". It was however only in early 2000 that I found AOG's excellent B5 Wars rules and matching metal figures. It was while playing these I discovered John Tuffley of GZG had written a Babylon 5 specific version of Full Thrust II that were published in the "Earth Force Source Book" EFSB, for the now defunct Babylon Project RPG.

Currently I am playing my own Variant of the EFSB rules, "Babylon 5 Rules" and the threshold cards which draw heavily on the EFSB rules, along with some rules inspired from Full Thrust II and B5 Wars. I use AOG's range of metal ships from their B5 Wars range, though their equally good Fleet Action range of miniatures can be used instead.

Fleet action is another set of rules I haven't mentioned, the initial release in late May 2000 was plagued by substantial typo's. I would personally recommend potential purchasers to wait for a reprint which will I'm sure overcome all of the printing problems.

I would strongly urge any interested party to have a read of my rules, (see link above), but buy Full Thrust II, EFSB, and B5 Wars, to see where I got my inspiration from and draw your own conclusions on the "Best" rules.




For miniature ship figures, I can recommend Agents Of Gaming, their B5 Wars and Fleet Action ranges are extensive and widely available in both the UK and the USA. Their Rules B5 Wars, and associated add ons, are excellent and should be purchased if just for background material!

I found the B5 Wars rules excellent, but suited to only 1-2 capital ships per side. Others use much larger forces, they are clearly either far more experienced than myself, or have longer to play.

Jon Tuffley of Ground Zero Games, sells his Full Thrust rules, plus a large range of ships, a few of which bare some resemblance to Babylon 5 universe ships. He also wrote the excellent rules in EFSB, though I don't know if he actually sells these? (I don't think so)


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