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  • Roll for Beam recharge (as per EFSB)
  • Roll For Initiative (1D20 and add ship modifiers as per B5 Wars)
  • Declare Fighter screens, or fighters independent
  • Plot target for Ballistic weapons
  • Move all ships in initiative sequence (DO NOT plot ship movement, each ship is moved as required as it's initiative comes up)
  • Move fighter flights alternately
  • Declare defence grids V fighters or pulse weapons
  • Ballistic weapon resolution
  • Capital ship to ship combat
  • Fighter dogfights
  • Capital ship to fighter combat
  • Fighter attacks on Capital ship


Movement rules are a mix of Full Thrust, touch of B5 Wars, and my own variations. Games are played on hexed playing areas, if you wish not to use hexes, adjust turn rates etc accordingly.

You can use thrust to accelerate or decelerate, (1 thrust point = 1 hex acc/dec). You can instead use up to a maximum of 1/2 thrust to "Turn". It costs 2 thrust points to turn 1 hex facing. (e.g. a ship with thrust 8 could turn a maximum of 2 hex sides). If a ship has 6 thrust, only 3 can go to turn, 1st turn 1 hex is turned, spare 1 is carried over to next turn, on which 2 hexes are turned.

Make the turns whenever you wish within your movement except each race must go a minimum number of hexes in a straight line between each turn (this is different to full thrust and allows greater flexibility, generally my movement rules are more cinematic than either Full thrust or EFSB) :-

Earth 5 hexes (Notoriously unwieldy)
Minbari 2 hexes (Gravitic drives)
White Stars 1 hexes (Agile)
Centauri 3 hexes (Centauri reaction drives)
Narn 4 hexes (Average)

Centauri follow the rules as above except that they could put ALL their thrust into turns if they wish to.

Minbari may only use half thrust for turns, but because of their gravitic drives turns only cost 1 point of thrust.

White stars can use all their thrust like Centauri for turns, AND only pay 1 point per turn, the same as other Minbari ships, and only have 1 hex turning circle.

The turning part of the thrust can also be used to shift a unit sideways by 1 hex, costs 1 thrust per hex for all ships of all nationalities.


Attacking Fighter
V Frazi Starfury Sentri


Red 6 = 2 hits and a reroll. All fighter attacks have a max range of 3 hexes.


Basically the same concept as EFSB, (which is only a modification of Full Thrust II), each fighter in a flight rolls 1D6 and inflicts the appropriate casualties as per table to the left.

If you use additional fighter types, either fit them into the table or make up your own factors.



At the end of each line of damage do a threshold check. 6 first line, 5,6 2nd line etc. Most systems are dead if they fail the check. (Jump engines are an exception but I don't play scenarios that use them, so use the rules from EFSB or make up your own)

BEAM POWER SYSTEM - if fail the check roll again :-
1,2 - Lose all stored power
3,4,5 - Lose stored power plus permanent half capacity, rounded up
6 - total failure, energy points in system at beginning of the turn, after charging, count as extra hits on the ship.

If 2 threshold checks need to be taken in one turn, roll again on 1D6 if number is HIGHER than the threshold check number, the rest of the line is wiped out and repeat process. If ship is still intact after this roll for threshold checks using lowest number +1 for each additional check should have taken THIS turn.

1 point of damage = 1 box on ship. Armour is always hit first, but rerolls go straight through armour.



PULSE BATTERIES - The category of weapon is the number of D6 rolled at 1-10 hexes. Every 10 hexes after that lose 1D6. e.g. Category 4 pulse weapon could fire 1D6 up to 40 hexes. 4,5 on each D6 = 1 point of damage. 6 = 2 points and reroll for damage. All reroll damage bypasses armour.

HEAVY ARRAY - Heavier version of pulse battery roll 4D6 @ 1-10, and 2D6 @ 11-20.

BEAM WEAPONS - Each point of energy fired through a beam weapon does 1D6 damage. For each 6 hexes (round down) deduct 1 from each D6 roll. Unmodified 6 is a reroll, rerolls go straight through armour and don't have deductions for range. Recharge roll 1D6. On a 1,2 recharge 2 points. 3,4 - 3 points. 5,6 - 4 points

MINBARI BEAM WEAPONS - Minbari beams are more powerful. Same rules but recharge rate is 1D6 X 2. Minbari projectors can alternatively fire in an anti fighter role. Range 4. They kill 1D6 fighters per turn per projector. (can mix and match)

SHADOW / VORLON BEAM WEAPONS - I haven't really used these yet, but like the ideas I've seen on the web to make them 12 - 19 strength beams that recharge at a rate of 3D6 per turn, making them single turn ship killers. (Not sure about anti fighter capability?)

MINBARI JAMMER - Each class of weapons fired at a Minbari capital ship rolls 1D6. 1-3 fire as normal, 4-6 can't lock on, weapons can't fire at anyone else that turn.

EMP GUN - Max range 6 hex, costs 3 points of energy, A level 4 threshold check on every system on target is carried out, (roll for each fighter if target is fighter flight). Plus target misses next turn entirely

PLASMA NET - fire after movement, requires fire control, enemy moved 1 hex closer or further from Minbari per 1 point of main engine thrust fed through this system.

ANTI FIGHTER BATTERY - Max range is 4 hexes. Destroys 1D6 -2 fighters per turn.

INTERCEPTOR - Intercept mode
Pulse fire - Lowest number that would cause a hit, now misses (this is normally a 4 but can vary for fighters). Missile fire - D6/2 missiles intercepted (round up) reroll on a 6. Ion torpedo & Plasma accelerator - Reduce to hit -1

INTERCEPTOR - Anti-Fighter mode
Count interceptor ring as 4 anti fighter batteries in this mode, ignore first killed interceptor. (NB in EFSB there are 4 nodes to a full interceptor ring, when this was upgraded to latest Full Thrust version to 6 nodes, 1 per hex side, I think it would be too strong to count as 6 anti fighter batteries.)

VORLON / SHADOW Organic hull - Count this as the same as a 360 degree interceptor in "Intercept" mode. Large Vorlon and Shadow ships have level 2 Organic hull, same as level 1 but first 2 numbers that would cause a hit now miss. (WhiteStar has level 1 organic hull)

ENERGY MINE - (Must be targeted at a hex) Target within 1 hex of detonation takes 3D6 damage. -1D6 for each further hex away. e.g. at 3 hexes from detonation take 1D6 damage. Max fire range is 20 hexes. Each launcher only holds 3 mines.

CENTAURI MISSILE RACK - (Must target a hex) Max range is 20 hexes. Can fire number of times indicated on ship card, all in one turn, or spread out. ONE ship within 3 hexes of target point is attacked on a 4+ on 1D6. If miss then missile dead. Each missile that hits scores 1D6 damage, (no rerolls on 6) half on armour, half on hull. Anti fighter batteries (and defence grids in fighter mode) can fire at incoming missiles exactly as if fighters. Defence grids in intercept mode also affect them, see above.

PLASMA ACCELERATOR - At 0-3 hexes hit is scored on 2+ on 1D6. 4-6 hit on 3+. 7-9 hit on 4+. 10-12 hit on 5+. 13-15 hit on 6. Each hit scores 1D6 damage, half on armour / half on hull.

ION TORPEDO - At 0-10 hexes hit is scored on 2+ on 1D6. 11-20 hit on 3+. 21-30 hit on 4+. 31-40 hit on 5+. 41-50 hit on 6. Each hit does 2 damage.

MAG CANNON - A combined beam projector and capacitor. The capacitor recharge rate is 2 per turn. The mag cannot fire until capacitor is fully charged. The damage is at -1 per D6 per 3 hexes.

GUARDIAN ARRAY - It can act as an anti fighter battery but fire at any fighter attacking a ship within 4 hexes of it, OR it allows other anti fighter batteries to operate like interceptors, intercepting all incoming fire from one hex direction except beams.

ELINT SYSTEM - Deduct -1 from D6 for every full 6 hexes from target, if roll still positive then "locked on" all ships fire as if target was 1 range category closer for ALL weapons (Missile +1 to hit)



Fighters should normally start game on ship, they must stay within 6 hexes of ship on turn they launch.
All fighters but Minbari can move 12 hexes in any direction, end facing is irrelevant.
Minbari fighters same but can move 15 hexes.
Fighters must be within 3 hexes of a ship to count as a fighter screen and then move with it rather than in the fighter movement section, and automatically intercept any fighters attacking it.
Attacking fighters have option to "Burn through" defences which mean interceptors get a free shot at them, BUT survivors can attack the capital ship.



Energy mines cost 25 each less.
Minbari ships -50 over priced

Frazi's +10 per flight
Sentri's +10 per flight
Starfury's +15 per flight
Nials +20 per flight

Currently points adjustments are to those quoted by Richard Bax on his web page where he has totally excellent SCS's for most of the Babylon 5 world ships.

I have reduced the range of Energy mines, so reduce price accordingly, I think Minbari prices are overpriced, and fighters should cost more. These are of course just my opinions. Look out for my own SCS's I will be doing some

My experimental Threshold cards can be found here.


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