Last Updated December 3, 2003

These pages are dedicated to the Wild west, I have used the rules included for Cowboy gunfights, though they can also be used for US Cavalry and Indians with little modifications. (I still have a bunch of Apache to paint up).

My main source of inspiration for this period is my neighbour Steve Jackson, the oldest Cowboy left in sunny Swindon. In addition to my wargames rules High Noon, I have a Gallery page with pictures of some of our miniatures, as well as a page dedicated to the aforementioned Steve Jackson.

Latest addition is a scenario we played out in August 2002 and was one of the best we have ever played. Also see this older scenario played out on 16th July 2001.

I have been playing skirmish wargames for many years, all with my own variants of rules, all from different inspirations. These rules were most directly inspired by a participation game I played at colours in September 1999 in Reading (England). I cannot remember the name of the group who hosted the game, but my thanks and recognition that these rules lean heavily on their Cowboy & Indian rules.

If you have any queries, comments or suggestions for improving this web page let me know. Also I have no links to other Cowboy sites at present, if you know any good ones, drop me a line.

At the moment this is the only painting of myself on this website. (See the pirates section for some unusual pictures) Painted in beautiful watercolours by my very talented wife Jill Watkins in 1998 from a photograph taken at old town kissimee in Florida USA.

Huey The Oil Drop

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