Last Updated August 20, 2002

Gunfight in August 2002. Preacher man standing up to the Blackhead gang.


Preacher man is a legendary character in our games, he often ends up taking on enormous odds and comes out unharmed. There's something about him, few even dare fight him now!


Virgil O'F**K a gunslinger of Irish descent I recently had the pleasure of playing, sadly he did not survive an encounter with Preacher man and several of his congregation


Steve Jackson's stage coach was just ornament in this game. But a right pretty one!


The finale of the shoot out. Our team shoots the sheriff and wounds the deputy. Allowing Che Gavara (Junior) to escape from prison. We celebrate our victory over the now despondant other half of the gang.




The Jackson Brand

The so called lawmen try to gun down "Preache man"


They stand no chance, a hail of lead pours into "Preacher man" but he stands uninjured


Looks like the Lan gang to me





Doesn't look like our heroes were quite ready for this fight...



Repent Sinners

Repent Sinners

Pa Lan

Pa Lan



The Lan Gang Mounted

The Lan Gang flee the scene

The Lan Gang

The Lan Gang on foot

Wagon Supplies

Wagons Roll!

Gunfight 1

Shoot Out

Gunfight 2

Shoot Out Close Up

The Preachers Congregation

Church Congregation !

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