Last Updated August 20, 2002

The following is a scenario we made up and played in August 2002. It proved a massive success and allows for a lot of replay and variations.

Each player has 2 gunslinger quality characters (others can be substituted). All players (we had 5 so 2 had 3 characters and the other 3 had 2 each to even the sides) are part of the same gang. However our leader Chez Gavara (Junior) (Senior was killed in the previous game!) has been captured and is currently residing in the town jail. We have fallen out and formed into two factions, both determined to get Chez out of prison and take all the credit and all the best positions in the gang.

Board layout is a standard wild west town with about 9 buildings situated down both sides of a road. One of the buildings is the jail. Each character is then rolled for with a D8 to determine which of the buildings he starts in. Characters from both sides may start in the same building, only restriction is that no more than 2 characters from the same side may be in any one buiulding.

The game starts and you have one official objective and one unofficial objective.

OFFICIAL OBJECTIVE - get to the jail and kill or wound both the sheriff and the deputy. Once both are wounded or killed Chez is free and whichever team freed him is the winner.

UNOFFICIAL OBJECTIVE - shoot and stab as many of the opposing team as you can. As anticipated 9 of the 12 characters immediately piled into each other in a blood thirsty gun and knife battle which left about 3-4 dead and almost everyone else wounded over about 3-4 turns fighting. The remaining characters went for the jail.

The other team Ade and Steve managed to wound the deputy. Whilst Ray managed to get in and kill the sheriff with a single shot. We won!

One last rule, once within the jail you may only shoot the sheriff or deputy, NOT other gang members of the opposing team as Chez is watching and will not be impressed!

The whole game really worked well. The fact that you have two different objectives, get to the jail and kill your opponents, along with the random placement of characters made it a great game. I recommend anyone to try it out. Use your own favourite rules if you like!


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