Last Updated June 29, 2002

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This page is dedicated to my ex next door neighbour, Steve Jackson, the oldest Cowboy in Swindon, England. (Well probably the only Cowboy in Swindon!) I will be adding more pictures and sound clips as the page develops.

lone ranger
Steve as he see's himself, the hero of his childhood, The Lone Ranger
steve & strumpet
The real Steve on a dude ranch in Florida, but is that the real Mrs Steve??
Steve & Mrs Steve

Ah! The real Steve & the real Mrs Steve.

Mrs Steve :-
"Ere who was that strumpet you were with?"

Mr Steve :- "Strumpet? Where? I don't see no strumpet woman!"


Hi Ho Silver Away


Click on Trigger to hear that famous saying !

Steve at a cowboy game in April 2002

Steve and his trusty steed between his legs.... That's what he says it is anyway?

The evil head of the dreaded Simmons gang

The memebers of the Simmons gang often fight amongst themselves


Take a look at Some of Steve's miniatures

Happy Trails To You 'Til We Meet Again Pardners !

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