I played DBM until mid-late 2000. As such my comments almost apply to V2.1 of DBM. V3 coming out after most of these had been written. There are some interesting new ideas in V3, and DBA V2 but currently I view DBx as dead, I have totally transferred my allegiance to Armati for ancient and renaissance games.

WRG publish DBA, DBM and the renaissance derivation of DBM, DBR. I have played all of these, particularly DBM since they were released quite a few years ago now.

All three are excellent rules, streets ahead of anything else available. I have purchased most of the other Ancients wargames rules available, and don't really rate many of them. Shieldbearer was about my next favourite, and although I have not directly borrowed any rules from Shieldbearer, I have borrowed some concepts from both these rules and others I have played from other time periods.

There are basically three primary areas I believe DBM could be made better, or easier, and it is these areas that form the basis of my house rules for DBM. These are not an entire rules set, they are merely local modifications to DBM, a full copy of DBM must be purchased to be able to play these house rules.

AREA 1 - Having 40mm wide consistent bases for 15mm figures was a great idea, but it wasn't taken far enough. I play on a squared board, with each square being 40mm. (Not Hexes). So many of the common problems of lining up troops, ranges etc are completely eradicated with no real loss in flexibility. Units with a base depth of 20mm or less can have 2 to a square, others only get 1 to a square. Only thing a bit tricky is wheeling a long line of troops, but read the rules to see how I got around that.

AREA 2 - An element can fight all day long in several fierce fights and is not fatigued from exhaustion and losses at all. This is fundamentally wrong, and leads to unrealistic tactics on the battlefield. I needed to find a very simple way of bringing fatigue back into the game without masses of paperwork, that fitted into the framework of the rules.

AREA 3 - As a left over from DBA, only Bows can shoot, again this is ridiculous, an army such as Assyrians or Mongols, both basically bow armed warriors, have few if any long range shooting ability. At DBA scale this was just about acceptable. At DBM scale it is not, as such I have allowed some other units to fire. Again see rules for details.

If you want to see my DBM Classical House Rules this is the link.

If instead you are interested in my DBM Chariot Period House Rules, try this one instead



I have been painting ancient miniatures for 30 years since I was a young lad and had my first Airfix Britons and Romans, and never really looked back, I've got more ancient armies than I can remember, all in 15mm, mostly painted by me, only ones professionally painted (very good they are too) are some of my renaissance figures.

If you want to see my Ancient Miniature Figure Gallery try here.

Most of the figures from every period are Essex Miniatures, in my humble opinion, the finest 15mm ancient figures money can buy. I do have some other figures from Gladiator (nice crusaders), Donnington (nice barbarians and republican Romans), and early Chariot miniatures (made Assyrians and Hittites before anyone else).



I now have a 500 book bibliography covering all periods, not just ancients. (Please allow around 15 seconds for page to load)


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