Last Updated December 3, 2003

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We haven't played a FIW battle for several years, but in November 2003 got together for a major French Indian ambush of a British column. At a figure scale of 10:1 the British fielded about 750 regulars. They were ambushed by a similar number of Indians with a small detachment of French regulars. The first set of photos shows much of the position as the game began. Although on board the French / Indian forces were not yet spotted by the British.

Close up of one of the English companies


Battery of English artillery in column march


New Indian warband I painted for the battle. I forget the manufacturer but they are a new one that sell the indians in packs of 6?


British column follows the windy path. Highlanders, artillery and more highlanders. Indians in background are not yet visible to the English


Just to the right of the last shot, grenadiers round the bend, couple of English companies behind them


The following few photos were taken after a turn or two of fighting, The Indians have sprung their Ambush and the British forces are fighting for their survival.

The Indians on the outcrop (Roys) killed half of the highlander company in a single volley. After this the Highlanders managed to put up a surprising amount of counter fire. They were only saved from routing by the presence of an officer.


Here on the following turn the outcrop Indians charge the mauled highlander company and defeat it in hand to hand combat. Fighting in most areas counts as "wooded" which gives the Indians a huge benefit in hand to hand combat. On the right another warband (Steve's) is tackling the Grenadiers. They prove to be a much tougher nut to crack and actually hold out the entire game (just)


Right at the front of the British column, crossing the bridge, 2 companies of French regulars and 2 companies of Coer du bois ambush the front two Highlander companies. The first is destroyed and the 2nd quickly broken.


At the extreme end of the column Indians ambush the end English company, a colonial company and a troop of cavalry, the English lose all of these fights.


On the following turn everything has become a general bloodbath, British losses are huge, but the French and Indians are starting to suffer critical casualties as well.

At the front of the column one French company has been routed, the 2nd moves up to continue pouring in the fire. The Highlanders prove up to the task eventually breaking this company as well.


The Indians on the outcrop were finally broken by a gallant uphill charge by Ade's English light infantry. Gaining the highground bought the British forces a breathing space to regroup.


Whilst at the end of the column Ray's double Indian warband continue to very slowly make their presence known. By moving slowly and only attacking in overwhelming odds they keep their own casualties down to a minimum. They also score the only face to face scalping of a British officer (colonial actually) by a chief.


The English regroup in a settlement (counts as farmstead and much more difficult to attack for Indians. They hold this settlement until the end of the game (just)


By the next turn casualties were mounting, around half the British forces were lost, but French and Indian casualties were also mounting, 2 warbands had broken and the French regulars were in trouble

At the front of the column the gallant survivors poor volley after volley into the French breaking both French companies, and then re breaking a reformed composite company. These forces held out until the end and eventually left the field in good order,.


The light infantry held the position on the outcrop until the end, finally melting away when the Indians weren't looking.


The Indians are gathering around the settlement, the English survivors rally around the artillery piece. It is this units canister that keep the Indians at bay. Ray's double warband poor the fire in and disable the artillery crew, with this deterrent gone, the indians overrun all but the fortified building.



The end of the game, the battered remnants still hold on.


All the English at this part of the battle retreat to the building, until the Indians set fire to it..... None live to tell the tale.



Everyone agreed that it was one of the most fun FIW games we have played. Steve, PK, Roy and Ray took the roles of Indians and French, whilst I and Ade took the English. I act as umpire and try to set up a game the others should be able to win at, it was an exceptionally close game. English dice rolls were very poor, and fortunately for me the Indians were very reluctant to close combat redcoats in the woods, this was a mistake as they had +2 in hand to hand combat and whenever they fought caused huge casualties. The only 3 English units to inflict heavy losses in hand to hand combat were the light infantry, the grenadiers, and the English company in the burned out building who fought the indians to a standstill through the windows.



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