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I forget exactly when I got interested in the French & Indian wars of the 1750's (Part of the greater 7 years war being fought out across Europe), but I think it was around the time of the superb film Last of the Mohicans with Daniel Day Lewis, I would highly recommend this film to anyone considering skirmish games set in this period.



You will find a link to my French & Indian wargames rules, I have called rather unoriginally "Last Of The Mohicans". The following are some other rules sets I have found fascinating :-

Woodland War by Tom Kelly of Lexington Kentucky. I think this is by far my favourite set of French Indian Wars rules, I have been influenced considerably by these rules, in my rules Last of the Mohicans.

Ranger by Peter Berry, another interesting set of rules, slightly too formal for me, but still less formal than most rules sets!

Habitants & Highlanders by the Canadian wargames group, I'll have to admit I don't like the rules in here very much, but would heartily recommend it to anyone for background information etc.


On the subject of Background, the following books form my Bibliography of must have books on the subject.

Wolfe's Army by Robin May & G A Embleton published by Osprey - This is the definitive book every wargamer of this period must have. The illustrations are without equal. I have used the front cover of this book as my background for these pages.

Thunder In The East by Mike Roarke, Novel, As far as I can remember I liked this one? but I may be mistaken!

Guns at the forks, Walter O'Meara - As I remember a very good book on the early years of the conflict.

Betrayal - Ian Steele - A very good book on the early years of the conflict..



Virtually all of my FIW figures are from the two excellent ranges from Dixons and Front Rank. The Dixons are slightly smaller, but if anything even more detailed than the front rank. Initially the Front rank were my favourite, and they're what I have most of, but I've grown quite fond of the Dixons figures too. I also have some Old Glory figures, though these are cruder than the others.

See some shots of my figures, and some of the games they have fought in the Gallery. Or my very latest shots Link to Battle report with pics that are a little larger and are most suited to a broadband connection.

Interested, then read my Skirmish Wargames Rules "Last Of The Mohicans"


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