Welcome to Andy Watkins wargames site. At the heart of this site you will find more than 15 sets of wargames rules here free, plus a multitude of photographs of miniatures from all periods and scales. You may even find a few other bits and pieces if you look hard enough!

This is the new site of "Wargames Central". Now that I have gone broadband I should be uploading some larger pictures for you to see. I have not been doing that much to the website for a while, but have now written a new set of Modern Rules, "Brigade Commander"

Last Updated July 28, 2005

500+ mostly historical reference books I have owned. My opinions of them. (Please allow about 15 seconds to load)
Pictures of painted Bronze age to Renaissance miniature figures (mostly 15mm DBM/Armati)
House Rules for Arty Conlife's Armati Ancients Rules
Gladiator combat skirmish rules
House Rules for WRG's DBM Ruleset
Greek / Roman Ancient Naval rules
Medieval Skirmish rules suitable for the Wars of the Roses or 100 years war
Skirmish rules for the 7 years war in North America
Skirmish rules for Caribbean Pirates of the 17th & 18th Century.
Naval rules for the Napoleonic wars
Skirmish rules for the American Wild West (Use these a lot, great deal of fun)
Naval Rules at the beginning of the Dreadnought period (WWI & Earlier)
Inf and armour rules for W W II. (Currently biased towards Russian 1942). - My most successful rules ever!
2 sets of Skirmish Rules for Vietnam in the 60's
NEW set of modern rules "Brigade Commander" each vehicle represents a platoon
Sci Fi land Skirmish Rules suitable for the "Hammers Slammers", Aliens, Starship Troopers or similar universes. NEW - Some really good pics of my Necrons I have been painting in 2004.
House rules for fleet combat from the Babylon 5 TV series, based on John Tuffley's EFSB adapted Full Thrust II rules
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Although this not a wargaming link at all, my wife has a Birman Cat called Custard, who has become the lord of our sofa! Click here for some excellent pictures


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For those of you that wondered, My Wife Jill modeled Huey and Duey the Oil Drops when I used to work for Castrol UK Ltd (Oil company based in England).