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OK, some of you will have read my "NATO" rules in the past. What I have now is a completely different set of rules. These rules owe nothing to the original set, they are completely new. Rather than each model representing one vehicle, they now represent about 4 vehicles. As of Summer 2005 these rules are in draft form and have not been properly play tested.

Take a look at "BRIGADE COMMANDER" rules here. Please note that they have been formatted to be printed, rather than looked at on screen. Hence their apparently disorganised nature on the screen. After a few emails from people who did not understand some of my methods, I have put more extensive notes at the end.

I found a variant of the Following rules in an old Wargames Illustrated from about 10 years ago. About 5 years ago I published my variant of them in the Journal of the 20th Century Wargamers. They have changed very little since then. I should stress the original author of the Wargames Illustrated rules deserves almost all the credit for the inspiration for my NATO rules. They are primarily aimed at recreating armour heavy encounters in a western European or Gulf War type scenario, using 1/285th to 1/300th miniatures.

The GHQ 1/285th miniatures are the best tank miniatures, but difficult to obtain, and cost a fortune! For Infantry I love the figures from main line miniatures, unlike most other manufacturers they portray all their figures lying prone. (More realistic I would imagine!)

Prior to discovering the inspiration to my NATO rules attached I used to use Challenger 2, excellent set of rules and digests, again I have taken some of my ideas from there, though they are generally far more complex and comprehensive rules than mine.

I have attached two data pages that contain the sheets I used for US and Iraqi weapons systems in the Gulf War. They are not extensive, merely the weapons I used

US Weapons in the Gulf

Iraqi Weapons in the Gulf



There are too many books to list all of them, but the following are some of my favourites :-

Atkinson, Rick - Crusade (History Of The Gulf War 1991)
Chadwick, F - Gulf War Fact Book (G.D.W. Map Book)
Clancy, Tom - Armoured Cav
Clancy, Tom - Fighter Wing
Isby, David C - Fighter Combat In The Jet Age
Isby, David C - Weapons And Tactics Of The Soviet Army
Watson, Bruce - Military Lessons Of The Gulf War
Woodward, Sandy - One Hundred Days (Falklands War History)
Zagola, S - Anti-Tank Helicopters
Zagola, S - Tank War Central Front (Osprey)

(Note - I don't keep this list up to date, check my bibliography page for more details.)


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