Last Updated July 23, 2002

French 3 decker. These are all Langton miniatures, though mostly painted many years ago. Even where my paintwork is rather lacking, I would heavily recommend the Langton miniatures ships. Excellent range


A couple of French 2 deckers, I believe a 74 followed by an 80


Close up of the French 80


Small English 2 decker. I think a small 74. One of my newer models, you can tell as the newer models have much finer ratlines (supplied by Langton) and a blue milliput base rather than a resin base.


French Fleet sailing one way


English fleet sailing the other. Notice the Frenchies have lost a ship to an explosion mid channel


Both fleets, English in the foreground


Another view of both fleets



I rather like this shot, one of my newest English ships leading the fleet. Isn't it tricky to paint sails and make them look good? I have never yet got the nack.


Ah, now that's what I like to see, only good Frenchie is a burning Frenchie!




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