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These Rules were written at the end of 1999 and played during 2000. Lots of fun, though we wondered on to other subjects and they are little used now. In case anyone living near Reading, Berks UK is interested I would consider selling the whole collection, figures, ships, island etc.

One of my inspirations was an excellent set of directions in the March 1999 wargames illustrated on building a pirate galley. (I strongly urge anyone interested to get this back issue). Detailed plans for every part of the ship are included. I wanted a larger gelley so photocopied and enlarged the plans such that my galleys are around 20" long.

By far the largest part of all the work was carried out by my very talented and versatile wife Gill Watkins, she cutout and assembled nearly all of the two galleys we eventually made, the "Jolly Jill" and the "Golden Bear".

The figures are almost all Guernsey foundry. The cannons are mostly Guernsey foundry or Dixons miniatures. I do also have some figures and guns from Village Green, though unfortunately neither matched the quality of the other manufacturers.

As the plans for constructing the boats are copyright Wargames Illustrated, and are readily available (I think!) I have not tried to include them on this website. However I have included numerous pictures of both the Galley's, and my pirate figures, as well as Skull Island, a great model island that Jill and I built using modroc, and those "Oasis" you get from flower shops, they are very easily moulded into cliff faces, though are also very easily damaged.

Have a read of my rules "Pieces of Eight" to see what you think, they are very simillar to the cowboy rules.

See also my various gallery pages. Some of these pages contain pictures of the models whilst some contain pictures of a "Pirate party" we had, no relevance to wargaming at all, but who cares!

Pirate Gallery Page 1 Original pictures of the models

Pirate Gallery Page 2 we decided to play the game in fancy dress - highly suspect results

Pirate Gallery Page 3 millenium party with pirates theme - no relevance to wargaming

Pirate Gallery Page 4 more legite pics of the models

Pirate Gallery Page 5 these pics were taken in August 2002 much higher quality including lots of the jolly jill




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