Last Updated October 2, 2004

Heavily revised explanations August 2002

My group of friends and I started Sci-Fi skirmish gaming back almost 20 years ago, using "Laserbrun" rules and the official 15mm Table Top game figures. As I remember my favourite was a set of police security troops in very heavy padded flak mesh protection, with a police "Flyer" to transport them all in.

From Laserburn I have read a number of rulesets, one of my favourites was a little known set called "Killzone". A number of others have also influenced me.

My own homegrown rules use a lot of characteristics from all of the above rules sets, simplified as much as possible. For example I have ended up with one roll for hitting and armour penetration, rather than the two rolls I always used to use, quicker this way. I have tended to taylor all my rules sets to simplistic mechanisms that allow great flexability, such as the Silent death space combat game.

I loved "Aliens" one of my all time favourite movies. I immediately set about recreating the game myself. I have used "Marines" from a number of different manufacturers, Imperial Guard jungle fighters from Games Workshop, Kryomek slave troopers, denizen etc. The aliens figures were more difficult. The official range were expensive and tiny trashy little figures. Table Top Games did a figure called a "Star Beast" that used to cost 50p was a really descent size in 25mm scale and was a straight rip off of an "Alien"

I built my own colonial complex, My wife Gill, a very good Graphic designer, and a very tolerant wife, came up with the construction plans and mechanisms, see the plans on building a colony.

My Sci-Fi skirmish rules are fairly generic, they can be used to produce Aliens games, I have also used them with with the latest range of vehicles from Ground Zero Games, to recreate skirmish fights from the "Hammers Slammers" books. I use the jeeps and APC's but the "Tribarrels" are the heaviest weapons I use from that book series. My rules are not suitable for true armoured combat. You could give a medium tank the heaviest Dreadnought armour, and plenty of heavy anti armour weapons, but it should only be a centrepiece or target of a scenario.

My NEW Imperial Guard + Necron inspired rules are closely based on my earlier skirmish rules, and have been modified to work with the superb new plastic games workshop figures of Imperial Guards and Necrons, plus a few Tyrannids. Check them out here.

To finish off this section, take a look at my new gallery page's 1. and 2. I've got some great 25mm figures, I think the diversity of figures is the main attraction to me of this genre. There's also my old original piccy page Breaking news, I have finally gotten into some of the excellent new Games workshop plastic figures, especially the Necrons. See here for a few really good pics of my Necrons, Imperial Guardsmen and Tyrannids


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