Last Updated September 6, 2002


GZG Predator type aliens prepare to assault a military installation (also GZG)


Predator support troops stand ready to follow through


Good shot of the military installation, camera angle makes it look bigger than it really is


Close up of the Predator Officer



LV69 is a young colony, prospectors are always turning up oddities. A bunch of them out in the badlands were making a lot of noise about an enormous wrecked strarship, nonsense.... Funny but we haven't heard from them for over a week now?

Colonial police forces field a powerful SWAT team to handle trouble


They are lean mean tough bastards who can handle anything..... almost


Haven't seen these boys before? (Tabletop games "Starbeasts" bear an uncanny likeness to "Aliens")


And they don't look very friendly....

Oh Oh....


Fire !


Run !!


Too late, the Colonial SWAT team realise they are so far out of their league


Even the Colonial marines MkI cyborg is overwhelmed after a dozen acid blooded creatures from hell are vapourised


A few extra shots of my Aliens, these were all taken in August 2002 with the Nikon 995. Despite being reduced in size by 75% and then jpeg'd down to make a small file the close up quality of this little camera is truly awesome, wish my paint jobs were! In case any one wondered about the terrain these are shot on they come from a hobby shop and are intended for fish tanks


My Favourite!


Look perfect camouflage for the surroundings!




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