Last Updated September 10, 2002


My tribute to the great book series, all vehicles are by GZG with the bases and the cotton wool effect they really look like hovercars

The first 5 pics on this page were taken in August 2002 with the Nikon 995, others are a few months older taken with borrowed fuji camera


I love these models, unfortunately my gang lost interest by the time I had painted them so they have seldomn been used in anger. What a waste!

Nice side close up shot. Get these from GZG, like many of their figures, highly recommended

I hold the crew in with blue tack (visible) which allows for casualties and disembarkation!


Like the terrain? comes from a hobby shop for fish tanks!


Jeep leads a combat car out on patrol, note the tribarrels


A close up of "Whispering Death" my Combat Car


Love these vehicles, although they do a main battle tank it is far too much for a skirmish game



Hammers Slammers ground troops, actually a set of Games Workshop infantry



The bugs are coming, GZG figures



Colourful Kryomek figures, liked these figures when they were in production, only problem is I was inspired by Aliens and Aliens don't carry weapons (Do you like the cryogenic capsules?)



The world apparently never changes....


Downwardly mobile types, figures are scavengers from the killzone rules set


Anyone getting the idea I like my MkI Marine Cyborg?


Couple of games workshop figures again, I painted quite a few up as young street punks for a gang war game


Nice Hair !



My last surviving Fantasy figure, painted for a dioramma in 1986 everything else is gone


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