Last Updated October 10, 2004


My first attempt at painting NECRONS, in mid 2004. Apart from the obvious black undercoat and chainmail, I have also used a brown ink and "Tin Bitz" a dark bronze paint.

Photos are taken with the EOS300D in the garden on a velvet background. Funnily enough natural light didn't work well and these were all taken using flash!

Necron Lord is the only metal figure. I was trying things out and actually painted up a couple of razor claw armed tyrannids in the same colours. They worked well but photos weren't as good of them.


Necron Tomb Spider. OK it isn't a Games workshop product, but you can't dispute it is a metallic spider!


My Imperial Guard heavy weapons squad. This one's an Autocannon. "Hostiles at 600 metres Sir!"


Nothing like the smell of heavy Bolter fire in the morning


Fire in the hold!


Eat Shit Alien Scum....


Tyrannid Gaunts, smelling Human flesh....

Imperial Guardsmans last view as he died.....


These are old Kryomek figures repainted as Imperial Guardsmen, I have always liked war droids. They aren't really included in WH40K but then they have terminators etc that fill the same role.


Cadian Imperial Guardsmen painted to my own camouflage pattern. As I use these largely in cities, etc I count them as having "Camouline" or whatever it's called, this increases the imperial guards normal 2nd rate save to an excellent cover save. Or equivalent if I am using my own rules...

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