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This is my page of pics of my Gladiators. I started small with a pack of 6 from Foundry, all seen here plus a few Gladiator miniatures figures. (Only 1 here). On the whole I prefer the Foundry figures. All pics taken in September 2002 with Nikon 995 digital camera and reduced to 512 pixels except the biggy at the end I kept larger to give you an overall view.

I am rather proud of these figures, they were all painted in September 2002, I think my painting is getting quite good now, for an amateur.

Meet "Fluffy", a gentle chappy who enjoys needlework and walking the dog!


And Brian, he enjoys a bit of gardening and chariot spotting, damn tiny serial numbers on those chariots!


This is "Mad" Max, he thinks he's signed on for a quiet life in the legions, look he even has the shield, all allegations he "Borrowed" it from a real legionary are of course false.


Another shot of "Mad" Max, he's my only Gladiator miniatures figure.


Meet Sandy, runner up in the "Mr I've got a big prong 79AD" contest


This is Enrique, he's not awfully big but makes up for it with a very negative attitude


This is Kimberly, she's Fluffy's girlfriend, she's not officially a Gladiator, but she's very protective of her Fluffy and often joins in if others pick on him.


Cyril on the left, he wanted to leave home and join the circus, only being a bit stupid he joined the wrong circus! Even more stupidly he has just cast doubts on Fluffy's girlfriends chastity. BIG mistake


Brian and Max enjoying a friendly little bout of "Your head or mine"


Here are two pics of two of my Gladiators in 54mm. Hope you like them! If anyone asks, I would be delighted to email a complete catalog (yes, I know, this falls into the "shameless self-promotion" catagory). Chris von Fahnestock - ""

The above 2 galdiators belong a gentleman Chris von Fahnestock, he sent me an email and asked if I could put them on the website, rather nice aren't they.

These 3 shots were taken in April 2004 - new Canon EOS300D to sww how they came out.






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