Last Updated December 3, 2003

These are my Spartacus Gladiator rules, they are of course partly inspired by the recent movie "Gladiator", but I have to admit, I liked the gladiator sequences, and thought the battle in the German forest was great, but as a whole I did not rate the film at all. (Appreciate I am in the minority here!)

My friends and I have been playing Gladiator games for over 20 years, and these are much more heavily influenced by the old rules we used to use called "Gladiator". I don't know if they are available anymore but recommend them to anyone who likes extremely detailed rules. My own rules "Spartacus" are much simpler in operation. I have tried to keep the feel and atmosphere of Gladiator games whilst simplifying much of the mechanics

If any one has a descent colour Gladiator picture they don't mind me using as a backdrop, I would appreciate it, as I am a little short of descent Gladiator pics at the moment

My mate Ray has most of the figures for this game, but the Foundry 28mm figures are about the best that I personally have seen, highly recommended

I have been doing a bit of painting and done up a small force of gladiators, all 28mm, mostly from Wargames Foundry, odd one from Gladiator miniatures. Gallery of Gladiators




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