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NEW - Replacement Vietnam rules, based on my very successful WWII Russian front rules. .

I have been playing large figure skirmish wargames for nearly 20 years, and Vietnam skirmishes were one of the very first I played. I am struggling to remember what my influences were, of the commercial rules I read I think "Bodycount" were the best, but as I remember my Vietnam rules were not particularly inspired by anyone else.

The rules assume the players take the part of US or allied soldiers, about 4-6 men per player. Light vehicles like jeeps are OK, and APC's and ACAV's can be used in moderate numbers. Tanks and gunships should either not be used, or merely make a special guest appearance as a part of a scenario as they are far too powerful.

Most of the board is assumed to be jungle, effectively the clear areas are marked.

On the to hit table, the second figure will almost always be used, as most targets are either under cover, or weaving and ducking around "Assault speed"

Target acquisition is up to you how much you bother with, but in many scenarios it can make a difference, some young players will be inclined to "Run" around the jungle, doing this you are not likely to see an ambush or much else, and could easily fall into punji sticks etc.

On the VC side a couple of mortars and a smattering of RPG's to hold off the APC's ca
n make all the difference.


The Battle of Bin Phouc'd in Photographs

I've included some old pictures of battle we have fought in the past on the Gallery page.

And not forgetting the rules themselves.

My old original skirmish rules, much used 1 figure = 1 man

My New improved Rules, based on WWII set, 1 base of 3 figures = 1 squad


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