Last Updated February 15, 2001

The Battle For Bin Phouc'd - 1967
(Refought - February 2001)

Bin Phouc'd is a fictitious crossroad, checkpoint charlie, down in the Delta. A small checkpoint currently manned by 8 soldiers, some old jeeps, trucks and a broken down M48.

At the start of the game. sporadic VC rifle fire had been encountered for several hours, a Huey had come in to get the squad out, but been shot down. Now Major Lee Stoned was leading a force of 16 troopers, 2 APC's and a jeep in to relieve the checkpoint. Two possible routes are available. The direct road which would be expected and may be mined, or an indirect route down an old stream bed.

Major Lee Stoned actually choose the road, but kept to either edge to try and avoid mines, this actually worked quite well as it turned out........


Troopers manning the perimiter of Bin Phouc'd, Latrine at hand...

One of the main bunkers at Bin Phouc'd


VC Meat Eater was broken down but the turret 50 cal was fully working. (Never used in game)

I remember this veteran was out on an outpost all on his own, got pretty shot up and finally taken alive by the VC.....


Only one man guarding this side of the perimiter, asI remember he came to a sticky end.

Ah the assault on Bin Phouc'd begins, small parties of VC sneak into close range

On the right flank of the relief force, Ade's ACAV leads,

closely followed by Major Lee Stoned and team in the jeep.

Whilst on the left flank Ray's elite team of Anarchic veterans lead the charge to relieve Bin Phouc'd


Ray's team suddenly tear up the low outcrop that overlook the road, correctly guessing where the VC ambush was positioned. The VC are quickly dealt with for no loss.

Whilst on the Right Flank Ade's ACAV came under withering fire being pinned down under a barage of AK 47 fire and sporadic RPG volleys. Major Lee Stoned (PK) took an instant decision and rushed to the rear of the other outcrop on the right flank from which Ade was being ambushed, and assaulted it with his small team of 4 men.

Base artillery was put on alert, but Major Stone's assault was a complete surprise and drove the VC from the hill tops for no loss.


Meanwhile small numbers of VC continued to assault the crossroads and poored in witheringly accurate fire.

4 of the 8 man garrison were quickly casualties, leaving the camp wide open to infiltration. A prearranged signal was given to rally all survivors to the round Bunker.


Whilst on the left flank relieving force Ray's Vets were advancing rapidly, with his 6 man team debarked, it was the withering fire from 6 vets rather than the largely ineffective fire from a single 30 cal on the APC that cleared the hill.

Ade's pinned down ACAV had stalled it's engine when it hit a tree swerving from a very near miss from an RPG.


Remaining VC on the right flank being driven from the hill tops by Major Stone's men.


Whilst down by the road (Ade's ACAV in distance) was kept pinned by just one surviving VC in the burnt out building, one other had been killed, and all others had fled.

Major Stones Small Force

And the VC fight it out on the right flank

Another shot of Ray's dismounted squad

And those VC inside the perimiter.

There was a large paddy field between the relief force and Bin Phouc'd. A massive mortar barrage was bought down on this killing 3 of the 6 VC in the paddy field.

The Helicopter crashed whilst attempting a relief just before the beginning of the battle.

Ade's ACAV, engine restarted bolted, peddle to the floor through the artillery barrage (narrowly avoiding destruction), to arrive triumphantly at Bin Phouc'd

Ade's men immediately debuse from the APC to help resecure the perimiter.

These 4 were the only survivors from Bin Phouc'd. But they had been saved. Time for a party!

Close up of relieving ACAV

2 of Ray's squad charged into hand to hand combat with the lone VC holding the burnt out building. They cleared the building, but one trooper paid the ultimate sacrifice. (Posthumous application made for CMH for this heroism)

Major Stone's team remount their trusty stead and head for Bin Phouc'd

Several hours later as dusk is falling, with the party well underway it would appear the VC were not as beaten as believed.

After randomn dice rolls all the VC attacked from one half of the camp, this concentration by approx 30 VC pushed the defenders to their limits.

The once invulnerable round bunker was quickly taken. Whilst Ray's unmanned APC took a hit from a recoiless rifle.


Desperate American attempts to recapture the bunker were made as the party broke up.

Major Stone at the base of the tower, panicked and spent much of the battle hiding, a disgraceful performance from one who had shown such bravery earlier!

Ade rapidly got his men back into the ACAV to maximise firepower and defense.


The VC came over the wire and missed the defenders in the ACAV. Fortunately the APC's fire was fairly ineffective only killing one VC.

The impressive though useless M48 (VC didn't know it was never manned) took 2 RPG hits and burst into a fireball...

The Americans panicked and destroyed one of their last vehicles themselves with a very poorly aimed grenade launcher.

Peppered with fire Ade's men only just got out of the ACAV before it took 2 direct hits from RPG's and turned into molten aluminium.

The final fight in the centre of the camp, dead wounded and surpressed lay everywhere, one final round for the Americans cleared the last of the VC attackers from the camp.

VC survivors (prescious few) withdraw to fight the imperialists another day.

Arriving at the end of the battle, gunships pursued the VC retreating into the jungle, allowing Slicks to resupply the base. The defenders unanimously agreed not to be evacuated. they had fought for Bin Phouc'd and they were damned well going to hold it.

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