Last Updated July 20, 2000

Weapon / Range
CC &
0-4 "
>4" - 12"
> 12"
Automatic Rifle
40% / 30% / 10%
20% / 10% / 0%
SMG & Carbine
40% / 30% / 20%
standard rifle
30% / 20% / 10%
20% / 10% / 10%
M60 & LMG (2 dice)
70% / 50% / 40%
50% / 40% / 30%*
HMG (50 cal) Same as M60 & lmg but three dice
extra 1D10 to gun roll
The first number is if the target is at patrol / run or is stationary
The second number is for target under cover or moving at assault speed (or on APC or in lorry / Jeep)
The third number is for target exact location unknown
Move one number to the right if the firer is moving as he fires
* Airborne Machine guns nearly always use this category & Range e.g. 30%
Draw cards for each squad, or vehicle to be moved.
Each squad can move and fire. Command squads can call artillery fire. This lands next turn. Insert a card for the artillery barrage.
Patrol D6"
Assault needs target 2D6"
Run 3D6"
Vehicle 3D6"
Speed / Skill cherry Grunt Green Beret
Patrol Speed / Station 2 4 8
Above is if target moves and/or fires. If neither can't be detected beyond 4". Auto Spot in open ground. Targets within 4" add + 2 <= on 1D10 you spot the target. If you run/assault can't spot targets. If miss by 2 you fire in 3rd Column of to hit. Each Squad rolls once per turn. In jungle max spot range is 8". In more open scrubland it is 18"
F. Craft You Kill Them They Kill You
RAW 30% 30%
GRUNT 50% 20%
G. Beret 80% 10%
Numbers in between = Noisy Fight
D10 Consequence
9 - 0 DEAD !
7 - 8 Serious wound, VC Die, US will die if not medic attended within 3 turns.
4 - 6 Moderately light wound. VC Retire from battle. US OK after 1 turn with medic. Until then can't fire or run.
1 - 3 Just a Nick. If not already had this turn miss rest of turn.
PT76 -1 front 0 side or rear
M48 -2 front -1 side 0 rear
Lorry or Jeep +1
76mm & RR & Rocket +1
90mm Gun +2
The following is an arbitrary set of victory points gathered by each US player. Feel free to change them for each battle :-
5 points for each VC killed.
10 points for each mortar, HMG, or Radio
15 for finding a hidden command bunker or tunnel network entrance.
10 for finding a hidden arms cache
5 for finding a weapon on VC posing as a civilian.
-6 points per US soldier killed
-3 points for each US soldier seriously wounded,
-4 points for each civilian killed, -6 if woman or child.
-5 points for helicopter damaged
-25 points for helicopter destroyed.
-15 points for each M113 destroyed.
Rated Cherry, Grunt, Green Beret.
Chance of detecting a trap at Patrol speed is 30% / 60% / 90% Respectively.
If running or at Assault speed chance is 0%! / 20% / 50% Respectively.
Booby traps not detected and disarmed go off as a grenade blast. If using claymore mines these are larger blast than a grenade and conical and directed rather than circular like an ordinary grenade, trap.
RPG V M113
When an RPG is fired at an M113 from any range or angle roll one D10 on the following table:-
1-4 Total miss, no effect
5-6 M113 caught by the shrapnel blast from near miss, no real damage done but can't move or fire next turn.
7 Main weapon on the M113 took the brunt of the blast, it is destroyed and one crew member takes a roll on the casualty table with a +2 modifier, (greater chance of serious injury) (If mine track hit, vehicle immobilised needs 2 turns repair no crew casualties)
8 Track hit, M113 slurs 3ins to one side (random) and starts to burn, all and passengers take a roll on the casualty table with a -1 modifier (relatively little chance of serious injury) (Same with Mine)
9-0 Direct hit, M113 explodes and bursts into flames, ALL crew and passengers take a roll on the casualty table with a +2 modifier, (considerable chance of serious injury) (Mine same but pass inside M113 get +2. Inside jeep or lorry +1 and outside M113 -1)
Standard Mortar blast area is 3ins Diameter, (only 2ins for tiny 51mm Mortars).
Standard blast for gunship mounted rocket pods is also 3ins Diameter, these are fired in pairs though so always roll twice for deviation and place two impact circles, (Deviation only D6+1 for gunships not D10+2)
Standard 105mm artillery blast area is 3.5ins diameter, and 155mm is 4ins diameter.
For all above there is a 33% chance of hitting target and D10+2ins variance in random direction if miss.
ANY target in the blast area has two rolls at a 60% chance of being affected, (down to 40% if under heavy cover, in trench etc.)
GUNSHIP Note:- Gunship can fire one pair of rockets and one cannon attack per turn, (Rockets can be salvoed at same target), if have door gunner the cannon attack may be at separate target, if a fixed mount HMG then must be same target as rockets. Gunships can fire for 6 turns (unless salvoed). FIRING GUNSHIPS WITHIN 7" OF US TROOPS GIVES 1/3RD CHANCE OF HITTING US TROOPS.
4ins throwing range incorporated into the close combat table as an extra dice roll.
Grenade throwers have limitless range on the board. A 33% chance of hitting target and a D6+2ins deviation in random direction if misses.
Grenade throwers have limitless range on the board. A 33% chance of hitting target and a D6+2ins deviation in random direction if misses.
Small arms hits a chopper on a D10 roll of "10". Then roll again, on a second roll of "9" a bullet goes through the windscreen spooking the pilot, dedicated gunships ignore, standard hueys bug out at the earliest opportunity. On a second roll of "10" the helicopter is hit critically. If the weapon fired at the chopper is an LMG add +2 to the second roll if a hit scored on first roll. If the weapon was a 12.7mm HMG or heavier chopper is hit critically on the 1st dice roll of "10", no second roll necessary.

Critical hit = 1-2 Leave trailing smoke. 3-4 crash controlled onto ground. 5-6 Explode in fireball !!!


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