Last Updated December 3, 2003

25mm Skirmish wargaming with Wars of the Roses figures was one of the first Skirmish games I ever played about 20 years ago. To be honest I haven't played much for quite a while. The rules I used were a bit cumbersome, I've upgraded now to a home grown set that owe more to my Pirate rules than anything else. Though there is still a touch of influence from Retinue, the best of the commercial Wars Of The Roses rules.

Try my Wars Of The Roses MODIFIED rules here, they would be suitable for any Medieval encounter, main difference in the hundred years war is no gunpowder in tactical fights, and many men carried shields which was pretty much gone by the Wars Of The Roses.

Need some inspiration, take a look at my Gallery of WOTR miniatures.
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I now have a bibliography page that covers all periods of history. Link to it here. Please be aware it covers 500 books and takes about 15 seconds to load.

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