Last Updated September 6, 2002


New Knights painted 2000. Photographed with the 100ASA Fujifilm and the new EOS 300mm Macro. Good depth of field and deffinition.


Close up of those new knights


New 25mm Archers close up with the Fujifilm


Considerable improvement on the 200ASA Kodak film


25mm Wars Of The Roses


25mm Billman



Excellent shot of a superb figure. I got Jill to paint in all of the "Eagles" as I'm not very good with detail. (These larger shots were all taken late Jan 2001 with EOS 300mm Macro and Fujifilm 100ASA film. I have tended to use Kodak 200ASA but the Fuji is far superior for macro work)


The Knights Move In

The Knights Move In
(Very old photos from early 90's taken with old Pentax SF7)


Foot Soldiers stand Firm

Foot Soldiers Stand Firm
(More Pentax shots)



(Depth of field was excellent on the Pentax)


Sir Lanny

Sir Lanny a Lot
(EOS with Kodak 200ASA 300mm zoom has depth of field but deffinition is very poor)

Aim for the whites of their eyes

Right Then Boys - Aim for the whites of their eyes
(Again the new 300mm Macro lens gets the depth of field but the Kodak 200ASA film is terribly grainy with poor definition.

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