Last Updated April 11, 2004

These shots are all from a bettle in April 2004. Nothing exceptional about battle. A few of the pics are interesting because I took them with the EOS300D. However I upped the aperture so much they were very dark. Compensated in PS7 but still had an impact.....


My beloved Russians. The coloured markers on the platoon really do work, they make it much easier to identify the troops at a glance.

Another one of Roy's platoons this time SMG armed, they took the trench in an excellent attack, I managed to counter attack and drive him out though.

Excellent fight for this village, Roy did eventually kick me out, with Adrians assistance but only after I caused them enormous casualties.

My T26 - The only Russian tank in the game, managed to blow up one 222 A/C at the end of the game.






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