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December 2005 update - I am now painting up 10mm armies to play the french campaign using commercial Blitzkrieg Commander rules, an excellent set of rules, though ones aimed at smaller models. My own rules are more appropriate for 20mm figures. Check out the new "revised Blitzkrieg" as a result of reading the Blitzkrieg Commander rules.

Please note my rules can look a bit messy on the screen, that is because they have been formatted to be printed, using IE6.

I had played a bit of WWII as a teenager (20 years ago now) and abandoned this in search of "Proper wargaming" years ago. i.e. Ancients! That was the last I looked at WWII for years. Then about 1992 I wrote a set of WWII rules for the French campaign of 1940, and painted up some skytrex 1/200th scale figures. Never really got into it and that was the end of it and that died a death. I never even put those rules on this website.

Then in 2001 I got interested again, and purchased a copy of Crossfire. I loved Armati so thought I'd try some of Arty's other rules. Thought Crossfire was great and started buying Russian and German figures for October 1942.

Then I moved to Reading, UK, and tried the local wargames club WAR. They were also into WWII but only Rapid fire and battlefront. I bought these also to see what I thought. Largely my conclusion was Crossfire seemed great, though very different, and I couldn't find anyone to play them with. Rapidfire was not my cup of tea really. Battlefront are a good set of rules, but still have a few peculiarities in them. So I decided to write my own rules. Plus of course it gives me an excuse to put pictures of my lovely new armies on the web page!

I have purchased 20mm figures, and I feel happy that these rules would work fine for 15mm figures. For anything smaller than that I would suggest you consider reducing the movement and shooting ranges.

To read my "Blitzkrieg" rules follow this link. We have played loads of battles with the rules, they are universally acclaimed by all players as the best rules I have ever written. As of December 2005 I have purchased a copy of Blitzkrieg Commander, which I highly recommend, they have inspired me to make some changes to the armour rules. As such the revised version of my rules can be found here "Revised Blitzkrieg". As the changes are so significant I have left both copies of the rules available

As I have now had some opportunities to take some pictures, take a look at these great pages of pictures, even if you aren't interested in the rules and just want to see some really good action pictures of 20mm figures, or see what some manufacturers figures look like. Manufacturers include Britannia, FAA, Dixons and SHQ for figures. Britannia, SHQ, Airfix Fuji and cromwell for vehicles.

"Rostov Autumn 1942" to see some great piccies of both my figures and terrain.

Battle for the Tractor Works Admin Building fought out in June 2002

Relatively big posed pictures, inc Russian cavalry - these were posed after the last battle so I had a bit more time to take the pictures properly

New Cromwell Vehicles, frontline vehicles and AB figures germans photographs, I am particularly impressed by the Cromwell Stug III D.

"When the fog lifted" a scenario fought out in my new Stalingrad city block terrain pieces. Follow this link for pictures of the terrain blocks and a brief scenario description.

Jack's Page - See my rules in operation in the USA.

April 2004 - played a russian front game, didn't go great but got a few pics from it. Was the first WWII game we had ever hosted in Earley rather than Swindon.



I haven't been into WWII for a long time so don't have that many books on the subject. Here are my opinions on the few I do know:-

Charles Winchester - Ostfront from Osprey - This is an excellent wargamers book of the Russian front.

Alan Clark - Barbarossa - a very good military history of the war in Russia

I don't keep this section up to date, instead please refer to my bibliography section viewable from the main wargames central page. I keep this totally up to date with all the books I own.




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