Last Updated June 30, 2002

These shots are of troops I painted up for June 2002 battle but never got into it. As such I have had more time to pose them and get some good shots. Please note a few of these pictures are 50K large and will take a few seconds to load. All pictures are taken on Nikon 995 digital camera and then processed in Photoshop 7 to enhance and then shrink for the web.



Britannia miniatures, 20mm Siberian Russians with their SMG's charge to the attack.

Supported by their own T-70 light tank. First Resin tank I have purchased from Britannia miniatures, I like it and intend to buy more Resin vehicles from them.

Lovely shot of those Siberians passing a local village building (Hovels)


The whole force in all it's glory, the fascists will be defeated


My Siberian Commisar


Colonel Lanov and Major Kapinski discuss the coming battle. (Britannia miniatures Russian command pack)


I rather like this figure, he of course plays me as the umpire on the Russian side!


A close up of my Britannia cavalry commander, Just painted them in June 2002 didn't get into this game, but they will the next.


Excellent overall shot of my cavalry platoon, I only have the one at the moment, based them 2 figures to a base and 4 bases to a platoon representing about 30 men, I of course have no idea how many men should be in a Russian cavalry platoon!


My new German Pak 38 50mm gun, didn't really get used in battle as the Germans did so badly I didn't need to bring on my armour


German HMG

German flame thrower armed assault engineers, I had a whole platoon of these in the recent street fight, they did OK but not as well as expected.



Trusty 80m mortar, these little buggard can cause devastation, but of limited value in a street fight.


German stormtrooper SMG unit, these were used in the game



LMG unit, I am in 2 minds whether these should be counted as seperate troop types as in Battlefront, or just incorporated into the squad as per crossfire....


My Airfix 222 armoured cars, I've got 2 of these and love the little blighters.


My only metal tank, Panzer III Jor L with the long 50L60 gun. I prefer the resin models so this will probably be my only metal vehicle



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