Last Updated November 29, 2002

In late 2002 I had a lot of time on my hands and decided to build Stalingrad city terrain blocks, each about 18" X 12" with Mod roc, Daz clay, plaster and resin buildings and celluclay. The results are below. Although each city block is modelled as an independant terrain item I have tried to make them interchangeable to make up different battle boards.

There are also a couple of stand alone buildings Ray painted for me dotted around!


CLose up of Ray's building, sadly he doesn't know the manufacturer which is a little annoying as I like it and want to buy one myself!


I also did a "Village" block with more village buildings and less rubble. A german Recce unit was ambushed by a Russian T26S or T70 under the smoke? German infantry close assaulted and destroyed it.


One of my city blocks, this one with a lot of rubble and a big shell hole, OK they all have lots of rubble (mostly cat litter) and several have shell holes made out of celluclay with a clear resin in the bottom to represent water. Very wet on the Russian front you know!


One of my large Hovels buildings, permanently made into a city block, Russian platoon trying to close assault them, as I remember they were successful! Note the green and yellow counters on the figures. Green are Supressed whilst yellow are disrupted, also new this winter I have added a little sticker at the back of each squad, it is colour coded for the platoon it is a part of and identifies the weapons type it represents, rifle, lmg, smg, atr.

Long distance shot of several of the battle boards, Ruskies are in the foreground whilst Germans are largely in the background.


A building from a new manufacturer I have only just seen out, was quite cheap.


The Germans had been being beaten back, but bring up engineers with flamethrowers and Panzer IIIL support. In a city environment the flamethrowers were much more effective than the Panzer III !


As the Russian attacks were defeated a sizeable Russian armoured push developed, 3 X T34 models carrying 2 full platoons of SMG armed troops.


Sadly however the attack was too late, the Germans had dug their Stug's into position and more importantly infantry were in position to close assault, even the Recce platoon commanded by Steve got a look in hosing the Russian tank riders with it's 20mm cannon, not very effective against T34's but damned effective against exposed tank riders. The result was very rapidly all infantry destroyed or routed and 2 of the 3 T34's destroyed for no loss, basically a classic ambush. (This was all in the last 20 minutes of the battle).


In case anyone is interested this was the scenario, I laid it all out on the floor first to get it right the day before the battle and took a pic so I could reproduce it the next day at Steve's house. The basic scenario was that after several hard days fighting in Stalingrad in the fog German and Russian units had become separated. As such each German player had 2 platoons and rolled twice on a D20. A platoon going to each location. I then did the same with the Russians. No 2 platoons could share a number, the result was an action packed scenario that was totally unpredictable and replayable. Technically the Germans were trying to take the "City blocks" whilst the Russians were trying to kill every fascist on the board. Needless to say I don't worry too much about victory conditions until the end of the game and see who is still standing!


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