Last Updated March 1, 2003

Jack and his friends in the USA were looking for some fast play world war II rules and decided to give mine a go. They've played a few games with them now and have been fairly complimentary! Jack took the time to send me this picture battle report, so I thought I'd add it on to the rules page. Hope you like it. Any correspondance for Jack I'll pass right on to him.

All photos and text are Jack's. If anyone else feels like sending me anything for the website, please feel free, but please don't send microsoft word documents they compress really badly - Thanks!

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Dutch town held by British paratroops. Mortars behind the ruins with a 17-lb. AT gun in the burned out farmhouse up by the canal.


German right flank force


German left flank force. Mortars were put to good use.


British defenses seen from the German side. We made the canal unfordable so the bridge was very important.


German anti-tank half-track burns brightly as the two PZK IV's disrupt the AT gun.


The AT gun recovers enough to take out BOTH tanks! German assault bogs down. To keep things going 4 assault guns reinforce the German side.


One platoon sacrificed to machine gun the AT gun into silence (with major help from the mortars and an added Quad 20 AA gun. Note; The bridge is the only bought terrain on the table. Everything else is scratch built by yours truly.


The game ends as the assault guns close in on the bridge. Note the piat team hiding behind the curve of the bridge (they helped kill one of the dead tanks!) Germans in the orchard at left are only partially painted but they still fought bravely!

I hosted an afternoon game of Blitzkrieg at the Library a week ago. It was an 8 player game. One of the out of town gamers sent me these photos as recon flights from over the battlefield. The first shot shows Frank trying to plug a hole in the allied left flank. Rich watches from behind the German positions, his heavy armor can be seen on his side of the town.


In the next shot John is trying desparatly to get his airborne troops into the town to help the embattled British. My relief force of two companies with a platoon of Sherman tanks can be seen comming on board under his arm.


The other pictures are from early in the game. British Para is sprinting to get into the town after their drops scattered all over the table. Luck of the die roll, all three German forces got on the table before the paratroops all got on the table! In the end the allies won on the right, lost the middle and drew on the left.


Everyone enjoyed your rules, half the players hadn't even seen them before the game but everything ran smoothly. Note the Altoid tins... they are perfect for holding markers (I use flat glass beads). The white bits of paper are the same size as the bases. When dropped from 3 feet, the paradrops scatter very well. We decided that American squads were built around a BAR that we would give them an extra d6 at short range. Since German squads were built around an LMG, and we didn't want all German squads to be LMG, we will let other squads from the platoon to pick up and use the LMG when it gets killed. In the end it was the armor success that ruled the game.