Last Updated June 29, 2002

These shots are of a game played in June 2002. I have painted up some extra buildings and wanted to do a street fight in Stalingrad. I decided to make the battle for the admin wing of the Stalingrad Tractor Works.


The battle commences with an unexpected German dawn assault on the lightly held admin wing of the tractor works. The platoon holding it are quickly overrun and Steve's storm troopers swing into action against the reserve platoon.


Having achieved their objective totally by surprise with no dead at all and only a few wounded, the germans dig in to await the inevitable Russian counter offensive. Stransky's flame thrower armed assault engineers dig in to the main two story admin building.


Massed Russian infantry platoons prepare as the defenders are softened up by an artillery barrage from 4 batteries of 152mm guns. The Germans have cleverly deployed in unexpected locations and no one is killed in the barrage. The downside though is that the German defenders are poorly positioned to face the onslaught.


Whilst Ray's regular Wehrmacht troops are falling back massively outnumbered, the out of position smg armed veteran storm troopers actually counter attack a soviet rifle platoon. even more surprisingly they inflict heavy casualties largely routing the attack here.


Regular Russian and Siberian platoons advance rapidly through the defences which have unexpectedly been abandoned by the Germans. The inexperienced German commander and his advisors were taken completely by surprise by the number of attackers (6 platoons) and although they had 4 platoons themselves (+2 reserve platoons) they could not stop the assault.


A view of the same battle from the German side, Stranskies assault engineers hold the admin building, whilst reserve raw recruit platoons are rushed in to stem the Bolshevik tide.


In the pivotal attack of the game, Russian mortars and a Russian platoon soften up the defenders of the admin building, pinning many. Then my reinforced rifle platoon charge into combat. Almost half never made it and the rest were beaten off and destroyed with apparently little casualties to the Germans. They must have run short of ammo though as a second smg armed siberian platoon immediately followed them in and this time caused devastating damage against the defenders, winning the majority of the firefights.


3 Russian sections have a foothold in the admin building and the final collapse is now only moments away. The last Germans were driven from the admin building and the tractor works were back in Russian hands.

Colonel Comrade Lanov and his able Major Kapinski had repelled the Fascist invader. German losses were approximately 150 killed and seriously wounded, Russian losses were not counted but were in the region of 200 killed, an entirely acceptable cost for repelling the invaders.




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